Friday, April 11, 2014

St. George

A few weekends ago, I packed the kids up for a trip to St. George. I originally planned on going Thursday after school and coming home Monday night--but a surprise new calling changed those plans and we came home on Saturday night. It was a quick, but fun, trip.

The morning of the trip the kids were surprised to find sweet little notes from Ryan on the table. My favorite part (beyond the sweetness of the notes themselves) was that he'd signed Lila's from "DA."

Asher's most anticipated part of the trip was buying fabric for his bee-ball soft blanket and having Grandma sew it for them. The boys like to sleep with silky blankets--originally, Reed had white soft and Asher had blue soft. Poor Reed outgrew white soft (it's a baby blanket), but still tried to sleep under it, curled up like a bug. So finally, we bought fabric and my mom made him a huge soft blanket, christened "turtle soft" because the flannel on the front has a turtle print. Since the creation of turtle soft, Asher has of course wanted a bigger soft, too. And when Grandma told him she had a piece of bee ball fabric ("bee ball" is the name of Asher's tag blanket), he immediately requested that his new soft be a bee ball soft. While in St. George, we took a trip to JoAnn's, where Asher picked out his soft fabric--brown, per his request, which actually looked awesome with bee ball--and sweet Grandma sewed his blanket for him. He literally hugged the fabric in the car after buying it and was practically bouncing off the walls when Grandma presented his finished blanket to him.

My sister Mandi was having a yard sale while we were there, so on Friday the boys and I went to her house for lunch (where someone was super pumped when we let her sit at the big table like a big kid for a minute), then put Lila to sleep and put a movie on for the boys while I helped her organize her stuff.

When Lila finally woke up, we put on our suits...some of us looked cuter than others...

...and walked to Mando's pool!

Unfortunately, it got really windy and the pool was freezing. Fortunately, the hot tub was perfect. Reed was even tall enough to touch the bottom in the middle. The boys had a fantastic time marching around the hot tub and splashing each other. Lila had a fantastic time crawling out of the pool--then after a few paces, she'd turn around and I'd say, "Lila...." and she'd crack up and crawl back into the pool. So cute.

On Saturday, my mom and I helped Mandi get her yard sale underway, then my mom watched the kids while my dad and I went to Family History Expo. I learned so much and had a great time. My dad took me out to lunch between sessions, which was so much fun, and later we all went to the Children's Museum together. We went back to my parents' house for dinner, then drove home. I planned to drive at bedtime and not put a movie on (if a movie is on, no matter how late it is, the boys don't fall asleep). I told the boys they needed to sleep, then started a book on CD (for me, not them). And guess what? It worked! All three kids were asleep by the time we were in the Gorge (about 15 minutes into the drive) and slept the entire way home. We were sad our trip was cut short, but glad we got to have so much fun!

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