Sunday, April 13, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I love traditions. But I've also realized the need to simplify in some ways. So yes, we did build a leprechaun trap this year...

...but the leprechaun who came must have been way more lame than leprechauns of years before, because he left no magical trail of shamrocks and stars for the boys to follow. 

Like his predecessors, though, he did manage to escape our trap.

And he did at least dye our milk green.

Lila wasn't really interested in the leprechaun, lame or not.

And honestly, Asher wasn't either.

Especially once he convinced Lila to lay by him. For fifteen seconds.

And this can't not be a part of this post. Lila loves her towel, so much. Here, she's just cuddled with it, and is about to give it to me to hold for her while she gets in the tub.

After the bath, we donned our green clothes. And attempted a picture. Or twenty.

Lila had other plans.

And eventually abandoned the picture altogether.

Later, we went to the store (where NO ONE ELSE was wearing green. Bah humbug) for chocolate chips, then came home and made green shamrock rolls (which a friend pointed out look like molars--and they totally do!), green cookies, green jello, and corned beef. A very St. Patricky dinner, I'd say.

Honestly, I think Reed was a *little* disappointed by the leprechaun. But, overall, I think we had a great day!

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