Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 42

One day Asher finished breakfast, then trotted over to the living room where I was doing exercised. He said, "I'm done! And just so you know my chair is a mess." Nice of him to give me a heads up. 

Asher picked up our box of dominoes and almost immediately dropped it, spilling the dominoes everywhere. He told me, "I like picked it up and I was like oh. My. Gosh."

Showing off the magnet he keeps on his bike.
Asher loves hearing about words he said a little funny as a littler kid. One of the words that has evolved started as "huh ho keen!" Now it's "Nightning nakeen." Any guesses? Lightning McQueen, like from the movie Cars.   

One night at bedtime, Ashie told me, "Mommy I wish I could just sleep in your bed. I would just like use the other half of your pillow." Sweet boy.

Hard at work during conference.
Asher loves doing school. We haven't done it crazy consistently, but in addition to his one day a week joy school we usually do some form of school three ish times a week. Some days are very loosely school--I don't think it needs to be very rigid, especially since he is so young, so if he thinks it would be fun to  do puzzles together for our entire school time, we go for it. Anyway, back to the point: his handwriting? It has improved SO much. Honestly, we don't do a lot of letter tracing or writing because he's not a big fan of letter writing. But he does LOVE pre-writing worksheets--the kind where you trace various lines of various patterns from one point to another. And apparently these worksheets have improved his dexterity hugely. His name is where the improvement is the most obvious. At the "beginning" of the school year, his name was not really recognizable. The A was usually kind of apparent, but the other letters, particularly the S, weren't. Now, though, he writes his name so well! Every letter is definitely recognizable. Even he has noticed the improvement. He'll write an S and say, "Mommy! Look how great my S is!! I just get better each time!" I love it.

Unfortunately this picture is totally out of focus--but check out Reed ad Asher's epic photo bomb!
One of Asher's catch phrases right now is "boom" or "kaboom." He'll say, "I just boomed it up to he top!" or "we all kaboomed down the slide!" Tonight at bedtime, he came out when he was supposed to be lying down, and told Ryan that the songs weren't working. They went in, he said, "Let me show you Dad." Then pushed the play button and said, "BOOM!" It didn't turn on. Ryan switched the CD player from "tape" to "cd" and as soon as Asher heard the CD start spinning (before music was playing) he yelled, "There we go!" and scampered back to bed.

Showing off. Ryan was working on this particular Saturday so Asher of course wanted to take a picture of what he did to show Daddy.
Asher is kind of clumsy. He is constantly falling or bumping his head or getting hurt in some way. He says, "I got a bop!" When I ask him what happened, hoping for a little elaboration so I know what he really means, he always just tells me the location of said bop. He is very sad about each supposed injury, but thankfully. he is distracted pretty easily

Asher LOVES Lila and is always trying to help her or hold her. She isn't always a big fan of that.
Asher has this funny little voice he uses when he's explaining something--it's like he thinks we should already know what he's telling us and can't understand why we don't. When he uses this voice, he almost always has one hand open out to the side. Examples of the use: Me: "Asher, did you change your big boys?" Asher: "Yeah. There was just like some pee pee in them." Ryan: "Asher, aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Asher: "Yeah, I just like needed to tell you that the drinkie cup is empty."

"Mommy! Look how cute I made my guys!!! Can you take a picture?"
Now that we've entered much warmer weather, both Asher and I have been wearing shorts (or night shirts, for him) to bed. We usually read a few books together at night while Ryan and Reed read their books. Asher generally sits on my lap. The past few days he's told me, "Mommy, your freckles are hurting me!" and not wanting to sit on my legs. I finally realized that my freckles=my legs needed to be shaved, haha.

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