Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 64

We got this maze toy from a McDonald's happy meal and on Reed's first attempt he was not having the easiest go of it. He told me, "I'm really struggling with this" and just sounded so grown up. Another grown up moment I didn't love was when he told me he was "horrible" at something. He wasn't bummed about it, just making a casual remark. I told him that he wasn't horrible at it--sometimes we just need practice at something and it's okay if we don't do everything perfectly. I was sad, though, to hear him put himself down. Honestly, that's really the first time I remember him saying something negative about himself. Since then, he hasn't commented negatively on his own abilities, but he has used the word "horrible" a few more times describing other things.

Helping a sister out!
I asked Reed what he wanted for lunch and he said, "What are the options?" Again, he just sounded SO GROWN UP. 

I honestly can't remember exactly what we were touching--maybe the cold ground with bare feet--but Reed said, "It's so cold it feels like random ice!"

Reed doesn't have many words he mixes up any more, but one of my favorites that he still mixes up is the word "launch"--he says "lodge." He thinks "piano" is "plea-ano." He occassionally asks Asher to say words that Asher says cutely (like "eeil" for oil") and one day he said, "Ashie, say, 'piano.'" He thought Ashie, who says "piano" was pronouncing the word incorrectly!

We threw a baby shower for a friend. Reed loved the rotating crew of his friends that came by and, of course, the treats!
One day the boys and I were working on cleaning our "secret hideout"--it's the area under the stairs where we keep a lot of the boys' toys. I was organizing and giving them piles of things to return to their proper homes. After Reed took one such load and put it away, he walked in and said, "This is a lot cleaner than I thought it would be!"

On St. Patrick's Day, I told the boys I was planning on doing a few St. Patrick's activities/games we have with our school stuff for Family Home Evening. Reed asked, "Is that really fhe-ish?" I added in a gospel lesson to appease him!
He's just so goofy!
Reed was taking a long time to get in the car today and I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was just getting in the car and I asked why he was taking so long. He said, "I'm just uh like uh talking to myself" and was super embarrassed! I asked him what he was talking about and he got all flustered and wouldn't answer! 

More goofiness.
Reed kind of tired of reading practice, so we took a little break. One day we did a little game, though, with some "reverse reading." I told him a word, and he sounded it out and figured out how to spell it out of letter magnets. He loved the game and did SO good! Another day, he wanted to play Pictionary with just the two of us. Since he couldn't read the cards, I made him a list of CVC words he could sound out. Each turn he picked out a word from his list and drew it for me. He was so proud of himself--later we played with Asher, too, because Reed wanted to "read the cards for Asher." I'm trying not to push the reading matter and kind of let it go at his pace, especially since he isn't in kindergarten yet. He much more enjoys reading practice when we turn it into a game. Reed does enjoy the fact that he can sound words out and has started using just letters to refer to things when he wants them to be a secret from Asher--like he's going to do Q (quite time) while Asher has his N (nap), then we can do M and B T (Mom and Buddy time). It gets a little confusing, but it's pretty cute!

Reed has always been sweet with Lila but lately he's getting even cuter. He loves her so much. One night, I put her to bed then went into the boys' room. Reed started crying because he'd forgotten to give her a hug, the sweet boy! Then he remembered that he gave me a hug, and I gave Lila a hug, so it was practically like I gave Lila a hug. He uses the sweetest little voice with her and always wants to hold her and be near her--it's so sweet.

He LOVES his "k swiss socks" (he refers to them exclusively by that name) and likes to be monochromatic in his chillers so he can be on the "brown team" or "black team" or whatever team.
Reed has really been missing Ryan during busy season (I don't blame him!). He often says, "I wish every day were Sunday so Daddy could be home!" It's kind of heartbreakingly sweet. He always leaves his school papers on the piano or by the door so Ryan can be sure to look them over when he gets home. And whenever Ryan is home and we play a game, Reed likes to be on Daddy's team. They're really cute together.

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