Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hike III

Apparently we really like hikes. We do really love living so close to Redrock--it's beautiful, a little cooler than Vegas, and has great hikes for our little family. If I were fully disclosing, I would admit that we didn't finish this particular hike for a few reasons: Ryan had worked somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 hours that week, including 9ish that morning; we got a late start and it was actually quite chilly--more so than we were prepared for; we were just plain tired! The parts of the hike we did make it to, though, were quite fun.

He's just too crazy not to take a picture.

How beautiful is this view?
The boys were dying over this rock arrow. Coolest thing ever, right?
The doll and me. And my squinty eyes.
I was cracking up because I couldn't keep my eyes open and knew I looked ridiculous.
It was a little bright.
Ahhhh, Redrock.

Recent Happiness III

Recent Happiness I
Recent Happiness II

These shoes KILL me. And the foot pop? Too much.
Sometimes we head down to the strip for an afternoon. (By sometimes, I mean twice in the past year.) On this particular day, we were enjoying the Bellagio Fountains. The boys kept yelling, "WOAH!" Honestly, I did, too--they shot really high into the air!
I made this little giraffe for Doll for Christmas--and she actually loves it!
We were out to lunch with Eric and Mary's family right on the harbor and Ashie was just too dang cute.
Baby girl at Travel Town in California.
Lila's new Christmas outfit from Grandpa Hambly.
Micro tails!
More micro tails.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nature Walk

W few months ago, we went on a joy school field trip to Calico Basin. One of the moms had made a nature scavenger hunt for the boys and the hike is a looped boardwalk--so it was perfect. We let the boys do their thing and they had a great time! Asher loved haanging out with all his "school buddies." Reed was especially excited because Asher's school buddy Beckett has a brother (Tayden) who happens to be one of Reed's favorite friends. We love our  school group!

Asher, Tayden, and Reed looking for frogs

Asher, Reed, Jake, Abbi, Tayden, Jackson, Landon. (And Audra in front :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beach + Other California Goodness

Our post-tax trip was exactly what we needed. In addition to Easter, we....

...went shopping where Ryan spoiled me and where I bought more clothes than I have at one time since high school. Not joking. These clothes, though, were much needed--some of my current clothes did date back to high school, and the large majority were at least five years old. After shopping, we went to an awesome park by the beach.

The kids hadn't seen Ryan much at all for a month and were PUMPED to be together. Also, don't mind Lila eating that bar.
...went on a date! We went out to our favorite Simi food place, The Hat, did a little more shopping, then went to our engagement beach (Zuma). Being at the beach at night used to freak me out a little, but this time I loved it--it was so peaceful. 

(we also took this ridiculously terrible selfie on our date. I'm not above posting embarrassing pictures of myself on the internet.)

...went on a hike! The hike was beautiful, but if I were being honest I'd tell you it wasn't our best hike to date. It was very steep for a very long time, then when we stopped to rest Ashie fell off the low tree branch he was sitting on and landed in a bush. He'd been complaining about the hike starting at about the two minute mark, so we decided it was time to turn around! At least the view was nice. After the hike, we made an IKEA pilgrimage. Our main item we were searching for was a small desk, which we found (hooray). We also found many, many other awesome items to come home with us, including (of course) Mjolk Choklad.

...went to a museum with Ryan's parents and Janelle's family, mainly to see the awkward family photos display. It was hilarious, and we made the kids reenact our favorite picture. Afterward, we went to Third Street, then made our way to the pier. We stopped for ice cream at McDonald's, where Lila stole the majority of Steve's sundae, I think.

...went to the beach! Lila loved playing in the sand when we visited in December. This time, though, she hated it. I set her down with her feet in the sand and she immediately started crying and lifted one leg in the air. I think she would have lifted both legs at the same time if she could! She kept crying while trying to play with a toy and keep her foot up. Hilarious. After a few minutes, I saved her and put her back on the blanket. The sand was at least an effective baby gate! The boys loved the beach. We spent a long time by the water, running away from waves and wading, then an equally long time playing in the sand. The boys built a pretty sweet sand village with the help of the girls, complete with a moat.  And it was a beautiful beach day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Easter Best

There are too many pictures in this post, but I don't even care. I did cut out even more than I posted, so you have to give me that. Our kids looked SO cute on Easter, I couldn't resist taking one billion pictures. And guess what? My children actually cooperated. Mostly. Except for one child who shall not be named. (Lila.) I'm so grateful we were able to spend a few hours at church on Sunday, focusing on the true meaning of Easter. Reed and Ashie got to sing with the Primary during Sacrament Meeting, and Reed got to have his favorite teacher, ever (Grandma!). Lila folded her chubby little arms for the first time ever during Sacrament Meeting. Perfect.

On Sunday night, we got together with Ryans' cousins for an Easter feast (literally) and a cousin egg hunt. The boys were in heaven with so many kids around to play with. Ryan and I got to converse with other adults. Wonderful.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Hunting We Will Go

We planned a post-tax season vacation way back in February--we knew we'd both be burned out and would need a vacation. What we didn't realize was that our vacation would fall on Easter weekend; but once we did realize we were taking an Easter vacation, we were even more excited. The boys love their cousins and were PUMPED to see them. And egg hunting with cousins? Even better.

The kids were given a 7:00 a.m. limit as the earliest they could come out of the room. They cam out quickly:

First we looked through baskets. Ryan helped Lila...

And she was quite happy with the things she found!

Reeder was excited because he got a starter brand chiller shirt made out of chiller material. The starter thing was a big deal--he has chiller pants and tennis shoes that are all starter, and he kind of loves that they all match. Reed was also pretty excited about the little lego set he got.

Ashie must have been bouncing around too much for a good picture. He was most excited about his blow-up Mike Wazowski ball and his new Hot Wheels Car.

Then we found Grandma's basket, FULL of treats! Everyone was excited about that. Ashie was happily dancing around because Grandma got them Planes and Frozen!

Lila got this cute little Cruella deVil car to go with her Little People.

Finally, the hunt was on. Reed did a really good job this year, even finding a couple of tricky eggs.

Asher was a fantastic hunter--not that I was surprised. He's always been good at finding things.

Even Dolly found a few eggs.

There were even more eggs outside.

And this kind of kills me with cuteness. When Peyton and Zoe saw that Reed was wearing his family 5K shirt as a nightshirt, they both wore their shirts to bed, too!

Everyone found a lot of eggs and everyone had a great time!

After the spoils were counted, Lila contented herself with playing with buckets full of empty eggs.

Happy Easter!