Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Hunting We Will Go

We planned a post-tax season vacation way back in February--we knew we'd both be burned out and would need a vacation. What we didn't realize was that our vacation would fall on Easter weekend; but once we did realize we were taking an Easter vacation, we were even more excited. The boys love their cousins and were PUMPED to see them. And egg hunting with cousins? Even better.

The kids were given a 7:00 a.m. limit as the earliest they could come out of the room. They cam out quickly:

First we looked through baskets. Ryan helped Lila...

And she was quite happy with the things she found!

Reeder was excited because he got a starter brand chiller shirt made out of chiller material. The starter thing was a big deal--he has chiller pants and tennis shoes that are all starter, and he kind of loves that they all match. Reed was also pretty excited about the little lego set he got.

Ashie must have been bouncing around too much for a good picture. He was most excited about his blow-up Mike Wazowski ball and his new Hot Wheels Car.

Then we found Grandma's basket, FULL of treats! Everyone was excited about that. Ashie was happily dancing around because Grandma got them Planes and Frozen!

Lila got this cute little Cruella deVil car to go with her Little People.

Finally, the hunt was on. Reed did a really good job this year, even finding a couple of tricky eggs.

Asher was a fantastic hunter--not that I was surprised. He's always been good at finding things.

Even Dolly found a few eggs.

There were even more eggs outside.

And this kind of kills me with cuteness. When Peyton and Zoe saw that Reed was wearing his family 5K shirt as a nightshirt, they both wore their shirts to bed, too!

Everyone found a lot of eggs and everyone had a great time!

After the spoils were counted, Lila contented herself with playing with buckets full of empty eggs.

Happy Easter!

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