Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Egg Dyeing

We decided that we definitely needed a vacation--and planned it for April 16. I will hopefully blog more about the vacation later, but for now, one of the highlights: egg dyeing. When we originally planned our vacation to California, we were happily surprised to find that we'd actually be in California for Easter, since Easter fell so late in the year. Can I just say that I love when Easter is after tax season? Last year it was smack in the middle of the worst part of tax season, so any "extras" like egg-dyeing were very low-key and half-hearted. This year, though, Ryan was done with taxes and we had the bonus of being with cousins. Which made for an ideal egg-dyeing experience.

We smartly put the kids outside to dye eggs. Ryan and I, knowing our boys, immediately stripped their shirts off. And the dyeing commenced. Asher was a very impatient egg dyer, wanting to remove the eggs as soon as they'd touched any amount of liquid so he could start the next egg. It took some coaxing, but eventually I convinced him to leave the eggs in for at least small amounts of time. His favorite discovery was when Ryan found that wiki stix would stick to eggs and leave small amounts of white underneath them. He enjoyed decorating the eggs with the wiki stix, dipping the eggs, then once the eggs were dry removing the wiki stix and adding stickers.
Doing tricks while he waited to start.

Reed, on the other hand, was quite patient and meticulous. (Am I surprised? No.) He left a few eggs in for a VERY long time, in an effort to get bright jewel tones. He loved dipping the eggs half and half so they could have two colors. His favorite part, I think, was drawing on the eggs in the white crayon before dipping the eggs, then seeing his drawings emerge.

Dolly girl was happy with the plastic eggs we piled on her tray. She ate them, took them apart, then squawked impatiently when she wanted us to put them back together for her.

The girls were the most impressive egg dyers. Kamdyn wrapped her egg in paper towel, then drizzled dye on the paper towel, which left colorful paper towel imprints on her egg. Zoe and Peyton created marbled/tye dye eggs by getting spoonfuls of dye, then splashing the dye onto their eggs. Zoe was also quite proficient at dyeing with the wiki stix.

What a fun activity!

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