Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hike III

Apparently we really like hikes. We do really love living so close to Redrock--it's beautiful, a little cooler than Vegas, and has great hikes for our little family. If I were fully disclosing, I would admit that we didn't finish this particular hike for a few reasons: Ryan had worked somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 hours that week, including 9ish that morning; we got a late start and it was actually quite chilly--more so than we were prepared for; we were just plain tired! The parts of the hike we did make it to, though, were quite fun.

He's just too crazy not to take a picture.

How beautiful is this view?
The boys were dying over this rock arrow. Coolest thing ever, right?
The doll and me. And my squinty eyes.
I was cracking up because I couldn't keep my eyes open and knew I looked ridiculous.
It was a little bright.
Ahhhh, Redrock.

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