Monday, May 5, 2014

Leftovers on Sunday

The past few Sundays, I've commented to Ryan that our "Sunday Dinner"--which, in both of our childhood homes, was the biggest/best meal of the week--has been kind of lame. Yesterday, we ate leftovers. The week before, I'm pretty sure we had tuna toastwiches. More often than not, our Sunday dinners fall somewhere in the range of leftovers or super easy and super quick. I kind of felt like I was letting us down. Granted, I do make dinner almost every week day and we sit down to eat dinner together every night. (Even during tax season, I cooked then ate together with the kids.)

Ryan, wonderful husband that he is, said that he'd rather do what we usually do on Sundays--spending time as a family and following family time up with leftovers or quesadillas--than eat a nice meal on Sunday night. One (or both) of us would have to spend a significant time in the kitchen, away from the family preparing for that meal. Instead, after church, lunch, and naps, we play board games. Or go on a walk. Or fly our kites. Or even go to the park. I love our Sundays. And I'm glad I don't spend them in the kitchen.

(Side note: I am by no means saying that it is wrong to make a nice Sunday dinner--this is just what works for us!)

Perhaps instead of even attempting any Sunday dinner, I'll just let the kids crawl around in the kitchen, eating whatever they can find on the floor--there's generally a banquet available down there!

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