Saturday, May 31, 2014

Recent Happiness III

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Recent Happiness II

These shoes KILL me. And the foot pop? Too much.
Sometimes we head down to the strip for an afternoon. (By sometimes, I mean twice in the past year.) On this particular day, we were enjoying the Bellagio Fountains. The boys kept yelling, "WOAH!" Honestly, I did, too--they shot really high into the air!
I made this little giraffe for Doll for Christmas--and she actually loves it!
We were out to lunch with Eric and Mary's family right on the harbor and Ashie was just too dang cute.
Baby girl at Travel Town in California.
Lila's new Christmas outfit from Grandpa Hambly.
Micro tails!
More micro tails.

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Brooke & Skyler said...

Oh my heck, that first pictures is awesome. You're right, the shoes, the foot really is too much! She looks like she's striking a mean pose :)