Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 15

First, a few stats:
Weight: 22.13 lbs. (65-75 %)
Height: 29.5 in. (15-20%)
Head: 18.75 in. (85-90%)

Wearing her bling, eating a roll she found underneath her highchair (that she'd refused to eat two minutes before). Yes, I let her eat it!
Lila has a fairly simple bedtime routine: diaper change, lotion, jammies, (sometimes a cup of warm milk), teeth brushed, a board book, turn off light/turn on noise maker, and rock with her blanket/stuffed animal while I sing "I Am a Child of God." And she LOVES it. She anticipates each step and points to it when it's time, usually giggling or smiling while doing so. We usually read one of two books (The Going to Bed Book or The Belly Button Book, both by Sandra Boynton) and she is so cute with them. She says "bee boo" during the belly button book, and points to all the pictures in the Going to Bed Book, attempting to say "bear."

Lila loves getting her hair combed and often tries to comb it herself.

When we  get Lila after her nap, she also has a specific routine: she hands me all her blankies/guys, I get her, she tosses everything back in the crib, she points to the noisemaker so we can turn it off, then she points to the light so she can turn it on.

Lila LOVES shoes. She used to always pull them off, but now she usually leaves the shoes on. If her shoe falls off and I attempt to take the other shoe off rather than put her missing shoe back on, she flips a lid. And if she sees her shoes and she's not wearing them, she tries to put them on or brings them to us to help her with.

Lila also loves to eat combs.
Lila also loves socks--but not to wear. She pulls them off immediately. But she loves to chew on or cuddle with socks. One day at nap time she had a sock she was playing with. I didn't want to take it from her right before her nap and cause a meltdown, so I let her go to sleep with it. She woke up 1.5 hours later still holding the sock!

I often give Lila a cup of milk at bedtime and she usually offers me drinks of it--so cute!

Lila started going through a nap-issue phase again about mid-month. Her naps were falling into the 45 minute-1 hour range consistently and it was making me crazy. But we battled through and she's back to taking a 1.5-2.5 hour first nap and a 1-1.5 hour second nap. Hallelujah.

She is definitely a climber. And bustin' out her jammies.
If I call up the stairs, "Reed? Asher?" Lila yells, "BUH??"

We have flown kites a few times recently and Lila loves it! She spends the time leaning her head back so far she almost tips over and pointing her chubby little finger up at the kites.

Sometimes, when I'm putting a shirt over Lila's head and it gets stuck on her eyes for a minute, she'll say, "BUH!" (Boo!) when I get it off her.

And how cute it her cheese??
We've started teaching Lila signs mainly because I was getting a little tired of the ear-piercing screech she was yelling ALL the time. The first one we did was "drink" because that is what she was most often upset about. (And by drink I mean we used the sign for "milk" to mean any kind of drink.) Watching her understand that she was communicating with the sign was ridiculously cute. One night at dinner, she screamed, and I asked her if she wanted a drink while I did the sign. She stopped screaming, signed, and I gave her the cup. She took a drink, gave it back to me, then signed drink. I gave her the cup and she cracked up--repeat times three. It was awesome. Now she knows "all done," "drink," and "more." I'm working on "bite" and want to figure out the sign for "help" so I can teach that to her.

Lila is also adding words to her vocabulary. So far, we have the following: "dada," "mama," "buhbuh" (brother), "yeah," "Jae," "buh" (boo), "buh-bee" (baby), "buh-bye" (bye bye), "A-dee" (Ashie), and occasionally "nuh-nuh" (night-night). 

She's kind of obsessed with her tongue.
Lila gives the best kisses. Completely open-mouthed and super sloppy. She has also started blowing kisses, where she opens her mouth wide, puts her hand over her mouth, and occasionally starts licking her hand. 

Lila LOVES necklaces. The boys have some large beaded necklaces and if she spots the necklaces and can't get to the necklaces, she FLIPS a lid. Once she has the necklaces in hand, she puts them on and takes them off repeatedly, then usually wears them around the house for a while.

Over Easter weekend, Lila finally started taking steps consistently! We were in California and she had an adoring audience. Each time she took steps somewhere, she'd get a round of applause. She had the HUGEST grin each time and lapped up the attention.

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Freaking. Adorable. Also heads up, I'm obsessed with this website for when I need to know random primary song words, I thought you might like it!