Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 65

I've noticed that sometimes when Reed learns a new word or incorporates it into his vocabulary he uses it ALL the time for a while. His current catch-word is "essentially." He uses it correctly, which I think is awesome, and I love to hear him say things like, "it's kind of reddish, but it's like essentially orange."

One day we were driving by the church and Reed said, "What if the church was like one layer of bricks, then tithing tithing tithing tithing." He cracked up. We'd talked numerous times about how tithing is used to build church and he made it into a joke by taking it totally literally.

Built an awesome track!

Reed generally takes his role as older brother pretty seriously and has done some really tender things lately, especially for Asher. We got two helium balloons at the Springs Preserve a few days ago. A few minutes later, Asher accidentally lost his. Asher started crying and Reed gave Asher his balloon to replace the lost one without being prompted or asked at all. It was so sweet! Reed is also often a peacemaker--if he has a blue fork and Asher has a pink, but Asher is DYING for the blue fork, Reed will offer it to him. What a good boy.

Reed has started occasionally referring to things by their first initial only kind of because he can and kind of as a code Asher can't understand! He will ask me if we're going to do "M and B time" (Mommy and Buddy time), which we do during Asher's nap. Or he'll ask if we can watch an "s" (show). Sometimes t takes me a minute to figure out what he's talking about!

We were building a marble track and we swapped out a few pieces for one large piece. We estimated the size and it ended up taking exactly the number of pieces out we needed to and Reed said, "That kind of like blew my mind!" It was hilarious because that's something Ryan always says.
Showing off his temple craft.
Reed is really, really creative. I love when he builds things out of k'nex or building toy then shows them off to me. Most of the things he builds have either moving parts or pieces he takes off flips, and turns the creation into something else.

Reed loves riding bikes and really loves when we draw a track for him to ride on. He has been working on going super fast, then braking at a finish line. While Asher loves going on a walk/ride to somewhere, Reed is happiest riding up and down our driveway, up and down the street. One of these days we are going to get rid of his training wheels--which he is pretty nervous about!

Reed thinks "cannons" are called "canyons" and that "catapults" are called "canyonpults." It's kind of hilarious to hear.

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