Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 17

Lila's "dancing" for the last several months has basically consisted of bobbing her head or waving her arms--or, if we're in the car, kicking her legs. She's added a new dance move to her repertoire, though, that we love: spinning in circles. She does it anytime she hears any kind of music--a toy, an actual song, me singing. I also love her dance at her "singing table"--she grips the table and stomps her feet quickly.

We kind of accidentally invented a chase game that is Lila's favorite thing ever. Over the past month or so, she's started to think it's hilarious for me to ask her to come to me for a diaper change or whatever and for her to walk toward me, then turn at the last second so she's out of my reach. Then she cracks up. Our game is based on her propensity to be a tease. We let her start walking, then say, "I'm going to get you!" She starts walking faster, laughing the whole time. We eventually "catch" her and she just cracks up. Then we let her go and she "runs away" again. She played this game with Reed for 45 minutes today!

Lila has added a few new words this month. Her two newest are "woah" and "thank you" (day do is how she says it). She still doesn't use words very often, preferring to point to or sign for what she wants. She does often say, "Mama!" when she needs me, then takes me to whatever she wants. She has a noise she makes when she wants something too--basically "uh uh uh uh" and pointing at what she wants. We really need to work on words!

Lately, she's started hamming it up for the camera.
Lila's very favorite sign is "more." And she signs it emphatically. It's kind of hilarious. She'll do something to get our attention (say "mama!" or scream or her signature "uh uh uh") then she'll furiously sign her version of more until we help her out. Her take on "more" is taping her left hand (which is open-handed) with her pointer finger on her right hand.

Lila has iron drops that she takes twice a day. We usually give them to her as part of her bedtime routine before each nap. One day, I forgot to give the drops to her. She sat up from where she was laying in my arms, started pointing and making a commotion until I realized what she was pointing at--her medicine on the changing table! She knew we'd missed part of her routine. Apparently she likes structure. Her routine has been the same for a while now: diaper change, grab her blanket, read a book, lights off and noisemaker on, rock for a few minutes and sing, bed.

Just chewing on her shoe outside.
Lila has entered a screaming phase. Joy. She screams for EVERYTHING she wants. And if anything bothers her. And if she needs attention. Basically all the time. Honestly, it's making me a little crazy and I'm not sure how to stop it!

Lila has a lot of teeth and is working on more. I am pretty sure she is working on teeth 13, 14, 15, and 16 right now. She wears size 4ish in shoes--she's got tiny little feet and basically size 18 months in clothes. Her 18 month tops all seem a little on the short side, which is crazy because she's not a tall girl! She must carry her height in her torso.

Lila's hair is starting to go curly! Anytime it's wet--and especially if she's sweaty--the back curls up in little ringlets. It's ridiculously adorable.

Being cute with brother.
Lila started going to nursery this month! Yes, she is early (usually, children are 18 months when they start attending nursery at church). However, she has been in nursery a lot ever since I got called as primary president because we often need a nursery sub (in advance or at the last minute) and Ryan is kind of our go-to. She loves nursery--she just walks around and does her thing. The last two weeks, Ryan has subbed in primary--so we decided to have Lila go to nursery so he didn't have to try to teach a lesson with her being crazy. She did great! Didn't mind at all when he left, which was a pleasant change after the boys. The nursery teachers said that she did well with the other kids and just kind of kept to herself and did her thing. Three cheers for nursery!

Lila loves to identify body parts. It started when she finally started lying still for diaper changes and then even helping me to put her clothes on. I'd tell her to put her legs in and she'd lift her legs. From there, it multiplied. Her favorite body part to identify is her belly. She can also find her hair, her head, her nose (she sniffs), her feet, her legs, and her hands. It's really cute. And, speaking of hair, Lila thinks it's hilarious if the wind blows her hair or if water drops on her head. She immediately pats her hair and smiles at me.

Showing me she got water on her head.
We moved Lila to a forward facing big girl chair! She loved it. She has been patting the arm rests and kicking her little feet non-stop. We put on a movie one day in the car for a longer drive and she just kept pointing at the screen and smiling! The one hiccup, though, has been that she seems to get car sick. She's thrown up 4-5 times since moving to face forward. We've tried many things: changing her spot from middle to the side, putting her back in her rear-facing chair, etc.--but nothing has stopped the vomit. She seems to be more likely to throw up when she is particularly worn out. Hopefully we'll figure something out to help her!

This month Lila had lice. It was awful and I have no idea where she got it. Thankfully, the boys and Ryan didn't catch it--but I did. She was pretty good the first time I shampooed and combed out her hair, but when I had to re-check her every few days and then re-comb her a week later, she was not a fan. Thankfully, she doesn't have much hair.

Big girl chair!

Friday, June 27, 2014


I've made it kind of a goal lately to document our house. I love that I documented our first house, especially since we lived there so briefly. Honestly, we've taken a lot more time in our decorating this time around--but we've done more, too. The downstairs has been done for a long time, actually--I've just missed many windows of opportunity to take photos when it was actually clean!

Welcome to our home! You're standing at the door. We're waving and taking a photo :)

Next to the door we have vinyl with our "house rules," so to speak. I normally wouldn't share it but we kind of love it--especially the line that we added to the original we found at the store: "we check our self-esteem at the door." That's a very Hambly phrase.

In the entryway we also have this shoe-shelf, which we rescued from the curb, removed the drawers from, and added shelves to. As you can see, it was around Valentines Day when I took these photos--thankfully I have since changed that little vignette. If that's what you call that.

The hallway entryway opens up to the living/family room. This room is actually rather large and the boys spend a lot of our day here, playing on the open carpet area in the foreground (there's more that isn't pictured).

One of the very first things we did to decorate our home was this collage wall. We put it up over a year ago and I still love it.

Across from the photo wall is our entertainment center. Apparently we were watching someone play the drums. And Ashie was dancing.

Our living room opens up into the dining area. That something I love about this house--the downstairs living space is super open with almost no doors.

Apparently we've got a lot of vinyl downstairs. But I do love this quote and pictures on the wall by the table.

And our little art gallery just makes me smile.

The dining area opens up into the kitchen.

Our kitchen is a lot bigger than our last kitchen, so we can both easily work together in here. Or, as is the case most days, I can work in here while accompanied by all three kids, two of whom are usually on stools and one of whom is generally building k'nex on the floor or sitting on the counter helping.

Ryan's parents helped us with a new faucet for our old ugly sink (as well as passing along their nicer-than-ours hand-me-down appliances). We eventually replaced the old ugly sink with this beauty, too. I probably shouldn't be quite so excited about a sink but I really am. This one is huge compared to our old sink and way better looking, too.

  We're thinking about staining the cupboards to be darker, too.

I also like that if, on the off-chance the kids aren't with me in the kitchen I have some idea of their whereabouts. I spy two here.

Hey Ashie!

I do miss our St. George fridge, but this one was a great deal and does the job!

Our pantry (next to the fridge) is quite small. Or maybe we just have a lot of food, for which I am grateful.

Next to the front door area/across from the living room is my favorite possession.

And around the corner from the piano, there are the stairs (which run behind the temple/vinyl dining wall), the bathroom...

 ...and the secret hideout. AKA the area under the stairs. The boys' pictures basically wallpaper this space and it holds mostly books along with their easel and the megablocks. Yes, it is a little chaotic in there.

And that's the downstairs!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Boys' Room

I thought it really wasn't that long ago that we finished Lila's room and maybe we weren't as slow as I thought. But I was wrong. We finished Lila's room last October! A full eight months ago. At least we've lived in this house longer than six months with no plan to move in sight. We have been working on their room for a while--we painted a few months ago and hung most of the decoration shortly thereafter--the last few details just took longer than planned. And by longer than planned I mean they only took half of one day but they took longer than planned for us to actually getting around to doing them. But we've finally done it! Also, I know the room could be neater and perhaps a little more styled--but I also knew that if I waited until the room was spotless I'd never get pictures. I take what I can get.

Welcome to Reed and Asher's room!

That giant ruler was one of those finishing details that took us a long time to finally buckle down and do. And thanks to the help of my sister and her cricut, it was super easy. Now, if you'll kindly turn to your left, you'll see...
...two people hiding at different places in the photo. Can you spot them above? The boys love their bunks. Currently, Reed sleeps on the top bunk and Asher the bottom--but they do switch for weeks at a time. And it's not surprising when they decide to sleep in the same bed.

The boys climbed up to the top bunk in order to get better pictures of the room. Because if I was taking pictures, they wanted to be taking pictures, too. Also, it was June when we took these photos. Which explains the long sleeves and beanie.

We thought it would be fun to create some of our own paintings for the boys' room, so one day we pulled out the extra paint from their room and some canvases and went to town. Artists from L to R: Ryan, Reed, Megan, Asher. The painting was a lot of fun and the boys liked hanging up our artwork in their room. They do tend to both kick or roll into the wall as they fall asleep (they're a little crazy), so those paintings are always crooked. Still fun.

To the left of the beds is a little art area. The boys spend a lot of time here and, though it looks a mess, I can assure you that this is "clean" compared to the usual scattering of papers, crayons, small scraps, and other random j that usually coats the tables and floor. Also, don't worry about the hammer on the ground. Totally safe.

While the boys color, they can be inspired by the patent drawings above their desk. The top left picture is a cotton gin. We chose it because it's just cool. The top right picture is actually a patent of a piece designed by Ryan's dad! His name is on it and everything. Super cool. The bottom left is a slinky, and the bottom right is k'nex. The k'nex were a no-brainer--they are easily the boys' favorite toy.

Just to the left of the table is a giant magnet board for the boys to display their artwork. It usually has various pictures on it, but at the photo taking time it only had magnets they've made.

Pivoting to the right, you'll see the toy storage wall. Geesh we have a lot of toys. These containers are kind of fun, though, because they've been in my parents' possession for over 20 years and have been at least five colors. We used them in Reed's previous two rooms in blue. Now they're gray and yellow. Quite the life cycle. That door in the picture is the boys' closet.

If you turn again you'll find the wall housing the books and TV. I must say, I was quite hesitant to put a TV in the boys' room. It's only there because it had a space at our old house and no place at our new house--so we gave it to them. It's not hooked up to cable, though, so they can only use it for movies (which I have to help with). It's actually turned out to be kind of fun, because sometimes we'll watch a movie in their room and it's extra special.

We wanted to have a picture of the temple in their room and were planning on using a beautiful picture of the St. George Temple that my sister-in-law took. But then we decided that it would be cool for the boys to have a picture of the Las Vegas temple in their room, since it's now "our" temple. We made a special family trip to the temple grounds one Sunday afternoon to take photos and have a picnic. The boys knew we were taking a picture in their room and they are pretty pumped to have the photo now hanging in their room.

The final wall houses their toy box, a collage, and a few photobombers. The toy box was a lucky, lucky find at a garage sale--$8 I think for solid wood and solid workmanship. We stained it to match their furniture.

Also, girlfriend lately can't get enough of the camera. She is turning into a little cheeser and followed me around the entire time I was taking photos.

 Ryan came up with the idea to hang the tools on the wall. They're held in place with nails and a little putty. He also built that pentagonal magnet board out of rain gutters!

This beaut was my brain child. It required a LOT of super glue.

And there you have it! A room for our boys.

The Monthly Asher: 44

Chill. Also, notice the glasses are on top of the hat. He asked me if he could look at himself in the mirror then was surprised when he couldn't see anything.
One day Reed and Asher were arguing about who got to go first at something. Asher pulled this out: " Well my legs hurt sometimes! That means I am getting bigger. That means I get to go first!" 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but every time Asher gives me a kiss he says, "And I ALWAYS give you kisses! But Bubba doesn't!"

Asher's kissy face.
Asher asked me if he could put chillers on and I told him he could. As he and Reed were heading up the stairs, Reed said he was going to wait to put chillers on. Asher told Reed he needed to get his chillers on right now. When Reed asked why Asher responded, "You know how sometimes your big boys get into your bum? Well mine are like getting into my bum all the time. So I need chillers." Maybe it's not really that funny but it was hilarious at the time.

Almost every Sunday, Asher comments on how sunny it is--then he says, "It's SUNday so it's SUNny!"

I can't remember when he said this or why, but one day Asher said, "We could pee on the rocks. But not poo. Some doggies do that."

Being nice to each other for a change and looking at photo books.
Speaking of peeing on rocks...while we were camping, Ryan and I were setting up the tent and Asher ran up to us and said, "I really need to go potty!" Ryan told him to pick a tree. Asher responded, "What?!" (He has this funny "what" he says all the time that connotates that the thing he is commenting on is crazy/awesome.) Then he scampered off to find a tree. He thought it was hilarious and went potty three more times in the next hour.

Asher is usually quite restless when we do family scriptures and I don't think he really listens much. But then last night he said, "Remember when the scriptures said, 'And it came to pass that my father Lehi...'?" That's all he had but it was verbatim a verse we'd read the night before! He does find it kind of silly that the scriptures say "and it came to pass" so frequently and always points it out to us.

Sometimes you need three hats.
Asher has recently started saying the word "fantastic" all the time. It's kind of hilarious. He'll tell me, "I did a fantastic job of riding my bike!" or "You should see our room! It looks fantastic!"

Last night Reed was reading a BOB book to us and Asher chimed in on a few of the words! I think he's starting to recognize a few of the sight words that are in a lot of the books. Crazy.

Reading books together. On the coffee table.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Asher's Last Day

Though I don't think Asher's first day to last day transformation was quite as significant as Reed's, he definitely grew. I don't know that he looks a lot older--but I also think Ashie has looked exactly the same since he was about 6 months old :
Nov. 2013
Poor thing couldn't keep his eyes open because it was SO bright outside... we tried our luck by the trees, out of the direct sun. Apparently he just has a squinty-eyed smile, not unlike his Momma!

Asher's preschool was a co-op with four of his little friends, so the moms worked together to make a fun lunch/park date for the boys.

They had such a fun time! One of the moms made diplomas and got little hats for the boys. Asher was pretty pumped about his:

We lined the boys up for a photo opp and handed out their diplomas.

Then we let them toss their caps, which was kind of hilarious. Most of them chucked the hats straight at the ground (or our faces)... we gave them a few hat-tossing pointers and called a do-over. It was mostly successful.

 Asher was very proud of his diploma. He's already looking forward to doing school with "all his school buddies" again in the fall!