Monday, June 23, 2014

Asher's Last Day

Though I don't think Asher's first day to last day transformation was quite as significant as Reed's, he definitely grew. I don't know that he looks a lot older--but I also think Ashie has looked exactly the same since he was about 6 months old :
Nov. 2013
Poor thing couldn't keep his eyes open because it was SO bright outside... we tried our luck by the trees, out of the direct sun. Apparently he just has a squinty-eyed smile, not unlike his Momma!

Asher's preschool was a co-op with four of his little friends, so the moms worked together to make a fun lunch/park date for the boys.

They had such a fun time! One of the moms made diplomas and got little hats for the boys. Asher was pretty pumped about his:

We lined the boys up for a photo opp and handed out their diplomas.

Then we let them toss their caps, which was kind of hilarious. Most of them chucked the hats straight at the ground (or our faces)... we gave them a few hat-tossing pointers and called a do-over. It was mostly successful.

 Asher was very proud of his diploma. He's already looking forward to doing school with "all his school buddies" again in the fall!

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