Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Being More Fun: Giant Paper Guys

Reed and I used to do projects ALL the time. Seriously a lot. When Asher was old enough to start doing projects, he joined in, too. When I got pregnant we started doing fewer projects (I was just. SO. tired!), but still got our craft on quite a bit. Then Lila was born, we moved, and it was busy season. Honestly, it took me a long time to get my feet under me again and to find our new normal where I was doing more than just surviving. But even once we got there and I felt like I was doing okay at least at finding some kind of "balance," we just weren't doing projects. Ever. Now, I'm not saying that we need to do a project every day. Or that I need to entertain my kids every second. But the time I was spending with them? It wasn't very fun. I don't love to play pretend, so I never really enjoyed myself. And isn't part of the point of spending time with them to find joy? (I do also enjoy board games and books, but they don't always want to do those things.) As I was thinking about it, I realized that I love a good project--and so do they. So why didn't we start doing projects again? It'd be more fun for me, way more fun for them, and our time together would actually be enjoyable. I turned to Pinterest and made special boards for projects to do with them, got our supplies, and made our summer plan: Monday: make something; Tuesday: park; Wednesday: story time; Thursday: science or math experiment; Friday: something fun. (In addition to doing more projects I wanted to get out of the house more). 

Anyway, without further ado: giant paper guys. This project actually commenced before "summer," when Reed stayed home sick from school. We got pretty bored, so I decided to pull out the big guns: a giant roll of paper.

We traced each boy, which they thought was HILARIOUS, then they set to work coloring.

 Sometimes the coloring was interrupted by a dance party.

They decided to make their guys look like they were wearing some of their favorite chillers. I helped a little :)

After we colored, we taped the guys to the wall and had a photo shoot, of course. Reed requested photos of himself pointing each way.

Ashie wanted to hold hands with his guy.

Then they posed together.

And we finished with a request to stand in front of the guys.

This project was so easy, so much fun, and kept them busy and engaged for over an hour. Win win win!

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