Friday, June 20, 2014

Being More Fun: Two Theaters

We don't often watch full-length movies because I don't really love the boys having so much screen time in one big chunk. When we do watch movies, we often decide to do a special "family movie night" at varying levels of awesomeness. This was one of our more awesome. 

We all worked together on the poster, then Reed made tickets for everyone and snack stand vouchers while Asher and I found the cash register and popcorn holders. We got everything set up so Ryan was greeted by this after work:

The boys love to have a "fun little dinner" for family movie night, which consists of a variety of offerings they can eat on a blanket or at their picnic table while watching their movie. I think they like fun little dinners because these dinners are often kind of snack-based. Snacks are their favorite. On this particular movie night, we watched Free Birds.

On another occasion, we decided to try a different kind of theater: a shadow puppet theater. The boys and I spent one of Lila's naps making and decorating our theater and puppets. Then we put on shows for each other.

The theater was such a hit that we used it for FHE that night: We each used our puppets to tell a scripture story!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

How fun is this!! I love it. I bet your best absolutely love it too. You're such a fun mom!!!