Monday, June 16, 2014

Chalk Walls

I've noticed something kind of random during the last year of living here: kids don't draw chalk on the sidewalk. They draw chalk on the walls.

Really, it's a fantastic idea: you don't have to sit on the ground, which is unbearable here in the summer; and, because you're not sitting on the ground, your legs don't end up covered in a mixture of black dirtiness and chalk. Win. I decided to let the boys go to town on our wall. They quickly showed me a trick they'd learned at a friend's house: if you spray your drawings with a spray bottle, colorful water trickles down the walls. 

My boys like to color several colors on top of each other, then spray it all off. They have so much doing so that today we purchased each boy his own spray bottle. They thought I was awesome. I'm willing to spend 97 cents for them to think I'm awesome.

Before LJ was a consistent walker, I didn't really want her out back with them--crawling all over the rocks, getting cut up by the rocks and ridiculously dirty. I tried keeping her occupied with toys...but all she could do was stare at her brothers playing out back.

I caved. Dirty knees are no match for the bathtub, anyway. Girlfriend had a fantastic time pushing the teeter totter up and down.

Then she found a discarded piece of chalk and was in heaven. She's recently figured out that if she puts a writing utensil to paper, magic happens. So when she realized that the chalk was a writing utensil and the wall was like a giant piece of paper, she was in love.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

What a fun idea. I'm in love with the picture of Lila peeking out at her brothers. How cute is she?