Friday, June 27, 2014


I've made it kind of a goal lately to document our house. I love that I documented our first house, especially since we lived there so briefly. Honestly, we've taken a lot more time in our decorating this time around--but we've done more, too. The downstairs has been done for a long time, actually--I've just missed many windows of opportunity to take photos when it was actually clean!

Welcome to our home! You're standing at the door. We're waving and taking a photo :)

Next to the door we have vinyl with our "house rules," so to speak. I normally wouldn't share it but we kind of love it--especially the line that we added to the original we found at the store: "we check our self-esteem at the door." That's a very Hambly phrase.

In the entryway we also have this shoe-shelf, which we rescued from the curb, removed the drawers from, and added shelves to. As you can see, it was around Valentines Day when I took these photos--thankfully I have since changed that little vignette. If that's what you call that.

The hallway entryway opens up to the living/family room. This room is actually rather large and the boys spend a lot of our day here, playing on the open carpet area in the foreground (there's more that isn't pictured).

One of the very first things we did to decorate our home was this collage wall. We put it up over a year ago and I still love it.

Across from the photo wall is our entertainment center. Apparently we were watching someone play the drums. And Ashie was dancing.

Our living room opens up into the dining area. That something I love about this house--the downstairs living space is super open with almost no doors.

Apparently we've got a lot of vinyl downstairs. But I do love this quote and pictures on the wall by the table.

And our little art gallery just makes me smile.

The dining area opens up into the kitchen.

Our kitchen is a lot bigger than our last kitchen, so we can both easily work together in here. Or, as is the case most days, I can work in here while accompanied by all three kids, two of whom are usually on stools and one of whom is generally building k'nex on the floor or sitting on the counter helping.

Ryan's parents helped us with a new faucet for our old ugly sink (as well as passing along their nicer-than-ours hand-me-down appliances). We eventually replaced the old ugly sink with this beauty, too. I probably shouldn't be quite so excited about a sink but I really am. This one is huge compared to our old sink and way better looking, too.

  We're thinking about staining the cupboards to be darker, too.

I also like that if, on the off-chance the kids aren't with me in the kitchen I have some idea of their whereabouts. I spy two here.

Hey Ashie!

I do miss our St. George fridge, but this one was a great deal and does the job!

Our pantry (next to the fridge) is quite small. Or maybe we just have a lot of food, for which I am grateful.

Next to the front door area/across from the living room is my favorite possession.

And around the corner from the piano, there are the stairs (which run behind the temple/vinyl dining wall), the bathroom...

 ...and the secret hideout. AKA the area under the stairs. The boys' pictures basically wallpaper this space and it holds mostly books along with their easel and the megablocks. Yes, it is a little chaotic in there.

And that's the downstairs!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

I seriously love your house. But I haven't seen the secret hideout in a long time. I seriously love the look of it!!