Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lila's Spot

Lila has claimed her own special spot in the house. It's not a big spot, but it's the perfect size for her. She usually sits in it when she wants a snack, but if I'm ever working in the kitchen, so goes and plops herself down here, too. Her spot of choice: an IKEA stool.

She's so ridiculously cute at the stool, that I often end up taking a picture of her sitting there. Even though I already have 1.5 million pictures of her sitting there.

Waving 'hi' to me.

This is the face she makes if you ask her if she's hungry or if you mention the words "lunch," "dinner," breakfast," or "eat."
Offering me a bite.
Sharing her spot with Ashie for a minute.

1 comment:

Mandi Rolfe said...

Perfect spot for such a cute little girl! I love the chubby little legs hanging out in the second picture. so adoradable! And that pink dress is super cute on her. :)