Monday, June 23, 2014

Reed's Last Day

Sometimes my kids are sneaky. I'll be thinking, "He hasn't really changed much" or "He's always looked this way" then I'll pull out a photo from a year ago...
And I'm like, "Where did little Reed go?! This kid is all grown up!" True story.

This cute grown up boy loved preschool. He had so much fun and did so well and made so many fun friends. I've loved to see him grow less shy and a bit more confident in himself. I've loved hearing about his day at school. We will certainly miss preschool. (Side note: he is the one who wanted a picture in various poses.)

For the last day of school, his teachers planned a fun day at the park. They brought tons of snacks and the kids ran around like crazy in the splash pad. When they tried to go down the slide it was burning hot, so their sweet teacher made multiple trips to the splash pad to fill up a water cup to pour down the slide and cool it off.

Reed + Miss Brittany + Miss Athylie
I didn't manage to take any pictures of Reed with his friends, but I did manage to snap this cute one of my three plus Beckett, Asher's friend.

We were getting ready to go and Reed was SO sure his teachers had a "paper" for him, but they hadn't given us anything. I wondered if he just thought they had something for him because Asher got a little diploma at his graduation--but Reed was insistent. I finally asked (I didn't want to ask them and have them NOT have something) and, thankfully, they did. He was pretty pumped about his diploma!

On to Kindergarten!

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