Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Projects: Sandpaper T-shirts

For our summer projects, I have a pinterest board of crafts or experiments I have supplies on hand for. I let the boys look through everything and decide what we should do that day. The first project they chose was sandpaper t-shirts. 

They both drew for a long, long time. Reed drew a picture of us outside at our fire pit. Ashie went crazy scribbling, then started crying because he didn't want scribbles all over his. I gave him a white crayon and told him to draw on top of it--day saved. He drew a guy holding a bunch of balloons.
Unfortunately, when we iron the design onto his shirt, none of the white showed up! 

So we got creative. Luckily, I had blue fabric paint on hand. Using his original picture as a guide, I painted his guy and balloons on his t-shirt. And it turned out super cute, I think!

The boys put their shirts on as soon as they could. They are loving having a shirt they made by themselves!

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Mandi Rolfe said...

How cool! Those shirts are super cool. And you are super good at saving the day on the spot. Way to go!