Friday, June 6, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 43

Cheese Hamburgers! (His phrase of choice for pictures)
I often have the boys go into Lila's room when I hear her wake up so I can finish whatever I'm doing and she can not spend that time crying. Asher LOVES to go in to her and will often ask if he can "go tell her mommy's coming" even when I'm already on my way to get her. One day he walked into her room and said, "Good morning sweet baby!" It was so cute. Other times I just hear the two of them cracking up. They have a special relationship. 

One day Asher rolled up his placemat and said, "Look at my yoga mat!"

We drew these guys--he wanted to hold hands with his :)
Asher loves his school friends. I often call them his "buddies" and he's started referring to them that way, as well--as in, "I can't wait for my little school buddies to come over!" or "I am so excited to see my buddy Beckett!" We're doing school with the same group next year and he tells me, "Next year I am going to do my buddy school again!" (Then he'll follow up with, "And when I'm 5 I get to go to Bubba's school!")

Asher has started saying "Guys-ers"--like, "Hey guys-ers, should we go play?"

Asher call frozen yogurt shops "frozen ice cream." He LOVES going out to get frozen ice cream and was ridiculously excited last week when he went on a date with Daddy to frozen ice cream. Reed was trying to get Asher to say "frozen ice cream" one day (apparently he thinks it's cute too) and Asher said, "No Bubba, we call it frozen yogurt."
Whenever Asher wears this shirt, he says, "Mommy, too bad you didn't wear your shirt that matches!" I usually try to match him at least on occasion. One day, though, I pulled out the matching shirt and matching shorts and he was dying--he thought it was SO cool. Of course we had to get a picture! (I didn't notice until right now that he's pointing up at me :)
Asher has a pair of socks with Curious George on them. If it were up to him, he would wear them every day. As it is, he usually wears them for at least 2-3 days in a row before I coax him to put them in the laundry. 

One day a friend watched Asher and Lila for me while I went to a Mother's Day Brunch at Reed's school. When I picked up Asher, he said, "Since Jackson was a grump a lump we played inside." Hearing him use "grump a lump" was a little bit hilarious.

Another matchy picture.
Every time Asher doesn't know where we are going, he says, "I know where we are going!" And when you ask him where, he says, "You know!" or "I'll tell you when we get there." He thinks he is pretty tricky.

A conversation:
Me: Ashie do you want to help make cupcakes?
A: YES! Sorry, I tried not to yell

One day I was helping Asher get a shirt out and he said, "I want to wear a tank top so you can see my muscles!!"

He is so cute with her!
Asher tends to get grumpy at home and isn't always the best at sharing. But at school and church he is SO well behaved! His Sunbeams teacher tells us every week that he is the best behaved and he is just always so good. I'm so proud of him for behaving well when he knows it's really important.

Asher has started calling Reed "Bub" (shortened from Bubba). Cutest. Thing. Ever.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Okay seriously! Asher saying "grump a lump" is killing me. I'm dying reading this. What a silly boy! I love the matching picture where he's pointing up at you. That is way, way cute. And that last picture of him with Lila is adorable. Wow, what a cutie! Oh and the conversation where he told you "sorry I tried not to yell". Man that kid is cute!!!