Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 44

Chill. Also, notice the glasses are on top of the hat. He asked me if he could look at himself in the mirror then was surprised when he couldn't see anything.
One day Reed and Asher were arguing about who got to go first at something. Asher pulled this out: " Well my legs hurt sometimes! That means I am getting bigger. That means I get to go first!" 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but every time Asher gives me a kiss he says, "And I ALWAYS give you kisses! But Bubba doesn't!"

Asher's kissy face.
Asher asked me if he could put chillers on and I told him he could. As he and Reed were heading up the stairs, Reed said he was going to wait to put chillers on. Asher told Reed he needed to get his chillers on right now. When Reed asked why Asher responded, "You know how sometimes your big boys get into your bum? Well mine are like getting into my bum all the time. So I need chillers." Maybe it's not really that funny but it was hilarious at the time.

Almost every Sunday, Asher comments on how sunny it is--then he says, "It's SUNday so it's SUNny!"

I can't remember when he said this or why, but one day Asher said, "We could pee on the rocks. But not poo. Some doggies do that."

Being nice to each other for a change and looking at photo books.
Speaking of peeing on rocks...while we were camping, Ryan and I were setting up the tent and Asher ran up to us and said, "I really need to go potty!" Ryan told him to pick a tree. Asher responded, "What?!" (He has this funny "what" he says all the time that connotates that the thing he is commenting on is crazy/awesome.) Then he scampered off to find a tree. He thought it was hilarious and went potty three more times in the next hour.

Asher is usually quite restless when we do family scriptures and I don't think he really listens much. But then last night he said, "Remember when the scriptures said, 'And it came to pass that my father Lehi...'?" That's all he had but it was verbatim a verse we'd read the night before! He does find it kind of silly that the scriptures say "and it came to pass" so frequently and always points it out to us.

Sometimes you need three hats.
Asher has recently started saying the word "fantastic" all the time. It's kind of hilarious. He'll tell me, "I did a fantastic job of riding my bike!" or "You should see our room! It looks fantastic!"

Last night Reed was reading a BOB book to us and Asher chimed in on a few of the words! I think he's starting to recognize a few of the sight words that are in a lot of the books. Crazy.

Reading books together. On the coffee table.

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