Friday, June 6, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 16

She loves standing on these stool and helping in the kitchen.
Lila usually walks or crawls laps around me if I exercise after she's awake. If I am on the ground for any kind of ab work, she sees my location as an invitation to sit on top of me. If I'm in a plank or down dog, she crawls through my "tunnel." And lately, when I'm done, she starts rolling up my yoga mat for me!
And she's always pretty proud of herself when she makes it to the top.
I've mentioned this, I know, but Lila LOVES shoes. Lately she's started to find them at random times of day and bring them over for me to put on. She'll wear them for hours at a time.

Lately, girlfriend loves accessories. Necklaces are her favorites. If she sees a necklace, it must immediately go over her head and around her neck. She also loves bracelets and will use those little toy link connectors as bangles. Occasionally she will want a hat on. And she FINALLY leaves ponytails in her hair!
I thought we might skip this phase, but Lila has developed a love of throwing things away. Luckily, she only currently throw things away that we direct her to throw away (or so I think, ha!), and she does it with joy!

When you ask Lila where something is, she'll either point because she knows or hold her hands up in an "I don't know" gesture. Too cute.

Sitting in her favorite spot eating a snack--and telling me she didn't know where her brothers were.
Lila still doesn't have many words (though a new one this month is "beah" for bear), but she does sign pretty frequently. Her new sign for the month is "bite." We're working on "help" but she usually just does on of her other signs when I ask her to say "help." One day she did say "all duh" while she signed "all done" and it was crazy cute. She is definitely very aware of what she wants. If she's eating something that I'm feeding her (not many things, but I reserve things like yogurt for spoon feeding) and I try to give her a bite she doesn't want, she shakes her head and points to the other food or her drink that she does want. If I persist, she clamps her mouth tight and won't take a bite until she's ready!

Sometimes Lila points at things and makes her "uhhhh!" sound, indicating she wants it. When I tell her "go get it!" she moves without hesitation. It's kind of like she's asking permission.

Another attempt to capture her "I don't know" gesture. It's SO cute.
We had our third iron appointment this month and were happy to find that Lila's iron levels are back in normal ranges! We will continue giving her iron drops for two months to keep the levels high, then should be able to stop the supplements, hooray!

Her hair in the back gets pretty curly when it's wet or sweaty. I love her little "wings" that poke out on each side.
If I ask Lila if she wants to eat, she immediately does one of two things: opens her mouth and says, "ahhhhhh" or marches over to her chair and tries to climb up in it. Lately we've been buying individual yogurts (instead of the big tub) and if she sees the boys go to the fridge to get one, she's immediately at the fridge, boosting herself on the bottom of it (if it's open) and grabbing her own yogurt. She then carries it around, clutching it tightly until I feed it to her.

If she sees someone wiping their hands on a napkin, she rubs her hands together because she wants her hands cleaned, too.

Waiting for Daddy to get home.
If I ask Lila if she's smelly she immediately starts grabbing at her diaper.

Lila's favorite snack spot is this stool we have. She sits on the bottom step and we put her snack on the top step. It's perfect.

If I'm gone for a minute and come back, she lights up and starts waving. It's crazy cute.
Perhaps Lila's most significant milestone this month is that she is WALKING!!! She started taking steps over Easter weekend while we were in California (she liked the cheering audience). In just the last week or two she's started walking more than crawling, and I think we can finally call her a walker! Her one setback is that she can't quite figure out how to stand up unless she's holding on to something (not that she's really tried!). If she wants to walk, she crawls to something (even if it's out of the way), stands, then walks.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love this cute, cute girl so much! Her little hand gesture is seriously so adorable. What a doll she is!