Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 17

Lila's "dancing" for the last several months has basically consisted of bobbing her head or waving her arms--or, if we're in the car, kicking her legs. She's added a new dance move to her repertoire, though, that we love: spinning in circles. She does it anytime she hears any kind of music--a toy, an actual song, me singing. I also love her dance at her "singing table"--she grips the table and stomps her feet quickly.

We kind of accidentally invented a chase game that is Lila's favorite thing ever. Over the past month or so, she's started to think it's hilarious for me to ask her to come to me for a diaper change or whatever and for her to walk toward me, then turn at the last second so she's out of my reach. Then she cracks up. Our game is based on her propensity to be a tease. We let her start walking, then say, "I'm going to get you!" She starts walking faster, laughing the whole time. We eventually "catch" her and she just cracks up. Then we let her go and she "runs away" again. She played this game with Reed for 45 minutes today!

Lila has added a few new words this month. Her two newest are "woah" and "thank you" (day do is how she says it). She still doesn't use words very often, preferring to point to or sign for what she wants. She does often say, "Mama!" when she needs me, then takes me to whatever she wants. She has a noise she makes when she wants something too--basically "uh uh uh uh" and pointing at what she wants. We really need to work on words!

Lately, she's started hamming it up for the camera.
Lila's very favorite sign is "more." And she signs it emphatically. It's kind of hilarious. She'll do something to get our attention (say "mama!" or scream or her signature "uh uh uh") then she'll furiously sign her version of more until we help her out. Her take on "more" is taping her left hand (which is open-handed) with her pointer finger on her right hand.

Lila has iron drops that she takes twice a day. We usually give them to her as part of her bedtime routine before each nap. One day, I forgot to give the drops to her. She sat up from where she was laying in my arms, started pointing and making a commotion until I realized what she was pointing at--her medicine on the changing table! She knew we'd missed part of her routine. Apparently she likes structure. Her routine has been the same for a while now: diaper change, grab her blanket, read a book, lights off and noisemaker on, rock for a few minutes and sing, bed.

Just chewing on her shoe outside.
Lila has entered a screaming phase. Joy. She screams for EVERYTHING she wants. And if anything bothers her. And if she needs attention. Basically all the time. Honestly, it's making me a little crazy and I'm not sure how to stop it!

Lila has a lot of teeth and is working on more. I am pretty sure she is working on teeth 13, 14, 15, and 16 right now. She wears size 4ish in shoes--she's got tiny little feet and basically size 18 months in clothes. Her 18 month tops all seem a little on the short side, which is crazy because she's not a tall girl! She must carry her height in her torso.

Lila's hair is starting to go curly! Anytime it's wet--and especially if she's sweaty--the back curls up in little ringlets. It's ridiculously adorable.

Being cute with brother.
Lila started going to nursery this month! Yes, she is early (usually, children are 18 months when they start attending nursery at church). However, she has been in nursery a lot ever since I got called as primary president because we often need a nursery sub (in advance or at the last minute) and Ryan is kind of our go-to. She loves nursery--she just walks around and does her thing. The last two weeks, Ryan has subbed in primary--so we decided to have Lila go to nursery so he didn't have to try to teach a lesson with her being crazy. She did great! Didn't mind at all when he left, which was a pleasant change after the boys. The nursery teachers said that she did well with the other kids and just kind of kept to herself and did her thing. Three cheers for nursery!

Lila loves to identify body parts. It started when she finally started lying still for diaper changes and then even helping me to put her clothes on. I'd tell her to put her legs in and she'd lift her legs. From there, it multiplied. Her favorite body part to identify is her belly. She can also find her hair, her head, her nose (she sniffs), her feet, her legs, and her hands. It's really cute. And, speaking of hair, Lila thinks it's hilarious if the wind blows her hair or if water drops on her head. She immediately pats her hair and smiles at me.

Showing me she got water on her head.
We moved Lila to a forward facing big girl chair! She loved it. She has been patting the arm rests and kicking her little feet non-stop. We put on a movie one day in the car for a longer drive and she just kept pointing at the screen and smiling! The one hiccup, though, has been that she seems to get car sick. She's thrown up 4-5 times since moving to face forward. We've tried many things: changing her spot from middle to the side, putting her back in her rear-facing chair, etc.--but nothing has stopped the vomit. She seems to be more likely to throw up when she is particularly worn out. Hopefully we'll figure something out to help her!

This month Lila had lice. It was awful and I have no idea where she got it. Thankfully, the boys and Ryan didn't catch it--but I did. She was pretty good the first time I shampooed and combed out her hair, but when I had to re-check her every few days and then re-comb her a week later, she was not a fan. Thankfully, she doesn't have much hair.

Big girl chair!

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