Friday, June 13, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 66

Reed is so funny with Lila. He's "discovered" that if Lila is crying and he starts saying, "uh muh muh, uh muh muh" or "uh da da, uh da da" she stops. I'm not sure if I believe his theory but he wholeheartedly asserts that it works. Sometimes I'll tell Lila to go find her bubbas and Reed will start calling down the hall, "uh buh buh, uh buh buh!" It's his way of saying her words, I think. And it's hilarious.

I know I've mentioned many times before that Reed loves k'nex and is great at building with them. But seriously? His k'nex creations lately have been crazy awesome. He made this awesome thing that could flap its wings. I asked him how he thought of the idea and he told me he just thought of one word (and of course I can't remember the word) and then he knew what to build. Another time he made this awesome rectangle that could fold within itself to make a four-layer rectangle or could unfold seamlessly to make a line of rectangles. I've noticed that while he builds or plays by himself he often makes sound effects or whispers things his guys are saying to each other. Lately, he and Asher have been building as a team. Reed looks at a picture idea from the k'nex book that came with the building set, tells Asher which piece he needs (which Asher then finds), then Reed puts the piece into place. These aren't step-by-step directions but just pictures. It's seriously impressive.

We found a boxed set of 20 sight words based Bob Books at Costco that has reignited Reed's desire to learn to read. He wants to learn just doesn't love practicing. we hadn't really practiced in a while, so when we pulled out the first book in the set I was pleasantly surprised to find that he remembered a lot of what he'd already learned and was sounding out words and reading quite fluidly!

Reed has grown more attached to Ryan lately. Whenever we're doing something that requires teams, he wants to be on Daddy's team (which is fine by Asher because he likes to be on my team). He is so interested in everything Ryan does and LOVES to do projects together. His brain is so mechanical--and thankfully, Ryan's is too--so Ryan is able to explain how things work to Reed that I have no clue about.

The boys were playing one day and were actually not fighting, which was a welcome change. Later, Reed wanted to show me what they were doing. He told me he was teaching Asher to read. He'd written the first letter of each word in a sentence for Asher (e.g. T C W F= The cat was fat), then helped Asher think of what sound each letter said and told him which word it was for. So cute!

Reed (in some cases) is so accommodating. I think he's worried about disrupting our plans or something. For example, today I asked him if he wanted a quesadilla or a burrito for lunch. I told him I was having a burrito. He said, "Well, I want a quesadilla but I'll just have a burrito since you're already making that." I did not mind at all making a quesadilla, and I told him I was happy to make one for him and he answered, "I just don't want it to be like too hard to make both." Asher wanted a quesadilla, too, and with a little coaxing Reed had what he really wanted (a quesadilla).

We made slime one day and Reed really enjoyed playing with it. He said, "Maybe sometime we can make slime for FHE. Because you know the importantist part is family." It made me laugh because a few months ago I suggested doing something other than a lesson for FHE and Reed told me it "wasn't very FHEish," so Ryan explained how the important thing is that we spend time together as a family. 
While we were in St. George Ryan and the boys walked home after church. Reed asked why we have to wear "long sleeve pants" for church :) 

One day Asher started talking about various foods and if they make you go #1 or #2. After a few minutes Reed just cracked up and said, "How did we even get on this topic?!"


Mandi Rolfe said...

Love this cute and all of these things about him. But for some reason the "this isn't very FHEish" had me cracking up!!! Maybe because I can totally hear him saying that??

Ashleigh Cramer said...

If I ever move to Las Vegas I want to be your next door neighbor so my kids can have a more fun childhood. But until then thanks for all the fun ideas!!