Thursday, July 31, 2014


After our Fourth of July trip, we were greeted back to Vegas by a 95* house--so we turned on the air and went out to dinner. After dinner we got half-price shakes at Sonic (woot) and went to the park to enjoy them. It was dark out, but still hot. We wanted to stall going home--we knew our house would still feel awful--so we let the boys ride bikes around the park. Finally, it started sprinkling and we took that as our cue to leave. We were already at an hour past bedtime, after all. We got the kids home and in bed (still 90* inside, geesh), and unloaded the car. We were just settling down to a few episodes of Bones when the rain started. No, not the sprinkles of hours, earlier, real, heavy rain. I couldn't stop going to the window to admire it. Finally, Ryan grabbed our suits, we changed, then ran outside. We were drenched immediately, but ran a lap down our street. The streets were rivers by this point and so much fun to splash in. Ryan smooched me, then we decided that since we were both FREEZING (we definitely expected our desert rain to be hot) and the lightning was getting unnervingly close, we'd better go in.

Our rain dance was so out of character for us, but so much fun.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 68

While we were in Colorado, Nick did some dental work for Mandi. She was telling the little boys about it and they started talking about how you get cavities. Cole explained that cavities come from too much junk food. Mandi explained that cavities can also come from not brushing your teeth well enough. Reed thought about it for a minute, then asked, "So Mandi, which one was it for you?"

Before our family 5K, Asher told us he wanted to do a medium amount of the race. He did about five minutes of the race. Halfway through the 5K Reed asked my dad how far they were. My dad explained they were about halfway. Reed thought about my dad's answer, then said, "I don't think Asher really did a medium amount."

Ryan recently ordered new glasses online. The glasses came in the mail and Reed said, "Wow, that glasses case looks handsome." "Handsome" is exactly the word Ryan would have used to describe it.

One day Reed was writing and told me, "I'm like really talented at writing Rs." 

Reed has been quite fascinated by teeth and the tooth fairy lately. Anytime he describes or asks questions about teeth, he calls teeth "baby teeth" and "parent teeth."

The Monthly Lila: 18

First, a few stats:
Weight: 24.6 lbs. (70th percentile)
Height: 31 in. (25th percentile)
Head: 19.5 in. (95th percentile)
Random but true: Reed, Asher, and Lila have all been basically exactly this size at 18 months, within a few ounces. ODD.

Lila loves helping me cook. Her favorite thing to help with is dumping ingredients into the kitchenaid--usually when we're making a bread-related product. Anytime she sees me put on my apron, she starts pointing to her belly and complaining because she needs her apron--now. If I give the boys a turn to add an ingredient, she complains until I give her something to dump in. I think her favorite thing to add is flour--I pour it in and she pats the bottom of the measuring cup to help it into the mixer. (And by complain I mean makes a noise repeatedly, usually "uh uh uh" while emphatically pointing at what she wants.)

Lila has a little care bear shirt that she has mostly outgrown that somehow made it's way to her pajama drawer (probably because it exposes too much belly when she moves to wear out in public, but still fits fine for sleep, is super cozy, and, well, she is highly lacking in the pajama department). That was an awful sentence. Anyway, the shirt. After not noticing the shirt for the many months we owned it, one day she looked down, saw a PURPLE BEAR, then rubbed the bear and found that it was a cool texture--and she was sold. New favorite shirt. Kaboom. Anytime we put it on, she goes to each person in our family, points to her shirt, then rubs her belly and smiles. It's ridiculous and awesome.

Lila learned to say "yeah" before she learned to nod her head "yes." But now she has learned to nod "yes" and it is the cutest thing, ever! Her head nod? It's more of an entire body bob. Sometimes when I'm holding her and ask her a question, I know the answer not because I can see her head but because I can feel her entire body moving up and down. I love it. 
LJ has started pulling everything out of her hair again, but one day she actually left in the little bow and looked so sweet!

My mom was holding Lila at our family 5K and suddenly Lila noticed that she and my mom were wearing matching shirts! She started pointing to her shirt, then my mom's shirt, then back to her own shirt repeatedly, smiling the entire time. She was so excited. Speaking of clothes--Lila is starting to have an opinion about what she wears! She won't usually "refuse" to wear something--sometimes she'll shake her head no if I grab something she doesn't want to wear, but is usually fine with it when I put it on and doesn't resist. She does LOVE to pick out her clothes and jammies, though. She rummages through the drawer, then holds up what she finds like a trophy. 

Girlfriend loves to accessorize--notice her medal necklace. We let her try popcorn and m n ms during a movie night and she was loving it.
Lila almost runs. Almost. She is so close--and on 7/26/14, at Target, she took her first two legitimate running-like steps (where both feet are off the ground for a second). She does walk extremely fast at times and I'm thinking she will be crazy excited when she can run.

Two weeks ago Lila woke up EARLY. Too early. Sometimes (not often) she wakes up in the early hours, cries for a minute or two,and goes back to sleep. Not this time. Sh was doing her "I'm super upset and only a person can console me" cry, so I went in to get her. We ended up cuddling in her the big bed in her room until I had to get ready for ward council. Ryan came and took my spot and she slept in his arms for another hour. I was so tired, but it was really sweet to get to cuddle with her while she slept--that's not something that really happens any more.

Lila has a favorite book that she chooses for us to read at every nap and bed time. I'm not even sure what it's called, but it's a foam book with animal foam shapes on each page that come out and you can put back in like a puzzle. She loves it so much.

Lila went through a crazy clingy phase and just wanted to be held allllllll day. She also took awful naps.At least I got a few good cuddles in.
Lila doesn't talk much, but she is quite good at communicating what she wants with gestures and sounds. One thing she really likes to communicate is where she wants me to be. Sometimes she'll plop down, then stare me down while she points at the stop immediately next to her. Or she'll scoot two chairs by each other, sit in one, then tap the other one until I respond to her in some way.

As I mentioned, Lila doesn't talk much, but she is talking more than she was and usually attempts to say things along with signs or her own motions that show us what she wants. These words are her most commonly used words: luh-luh (Lila), bee-uh (bear), mama, dada (or just da), bree (Reed), yeah, woah, dee-doo (thank you--usually she just uses a sign at random when I tell her to say thank you), nye-nye (night night), buh-buh (bye bye or bubba/brother), baby, and buhv (love). She loves to wave "hi" and "bye" and blow kisses, and usually uses one of those to greet people rather than saying a word. 

If we ask Lila to make her "scary noise" she does this crazy growl thing. It's awesome.

Lila LOVES to help unload the dishwasher. I had her help me one day as a way to get her to stop screaming. She did stop screaming and discovered a new hobby. Her favorite job is climbing on the stool, opening the drawer, and piling the kids' silverware into its spot.

Lila HAS to walk Ryan out in the mornings when he leaves for work. Even if she is mid-bite, if she hears Ryan say goodbye or sees him start walking to the door, she lifts her hands up and complains until we let her out of her booster seat. She walks him outside (usually accompanied by the boys), gives him a high five through his window once he's in the car, then waves and blows kisses while he drives away. She also loves to sit in the doorway with the boys to wait for Ryan to get home. If they don't happen to be waiting in the doorway, as soon as she hears the lock turning she bolts for the door to greet Ryan with a hug.

On Saturday (7/26) Lila taught herself two new tricks: opening doors (the kind with the handle that pull down) and pushing the button on the side of the TV to turn it on! She suddenly seemed so big!

Jae learned to use a spoon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silverwood Lake

We've been making a habit of driving back from California on Monday, rather than Sunday, because the drive is so much better. And we get to stay for all of Sunday--which usually includes really excellent food and a lot of family time. We try to do something Monday morning, then drive back so we get home before bedtime.

On this particular trip, though, we were having a time trying to decide what to do Monday morning. All our great ideas got shot down when they were either too expensive, too far out of the way, or too closed. Then Ryan had a flash of inspiration that led us to find Silverwood Lake, a gem only 10 miles off I-15 just past San Bernadino. The pictures we saw looked nice, but we weren't completely sure what to expect or if it was really going to be a great stop.

As it turned out, Silverwood Lake was a great stop.

We didn't need our last row of seats this trip, so we took them out and took the boys' bikes instead. They loved having their bikes at Grandma's house and their bikes were perfect for the lake. The lake had a bike path that wound around the lake itself and through picnic areas. The weather was great and the boys had fun riding around. Ryan stayed with Reed and I followed Asher with Lila in the stroller. Asher and I had a few rough spots where he thought the hills were really, really steep downhill (they really weren't) and wanted me to hold his handlebars while I pushed Lila in the stroller. We worked it out, though.

Unfortunately, Reed lost control on one downhill part that was actually steep and crashed into a grill. Thankfully it was not lit and his front tire took the brunt of the blow. He scraped up his hand, though, and was quite shaken and kind of freaking out (me, too). We got him back onto his bike and he rode protestingly to the car.

We did make it to the car, though, and drove to another part of the lake where we enjoyed a picnic that we'd had the foresight to pack.

When we finished eating, we headed down to the beach to play. The water was so warm and I was a little sad we didn't have suits on. (Really, though, who wants to swim in the lake then go ride in a car for three hours, covered in sand?)

On our way out of Simi, we'd stopped at store to pick up buckets and shovels. Good decision.

I helped Lila for a while, mainly ensuring she didn't walk into the water, as she kept attempting, then Ryan took over Lila patrol while the boys and I dug an awesome river system that meandered beautifully until it emptied back into the lake. I don't know why, but I love to dig in sand.

I rolled Reed's shorts up to keep them from getting wet and he reminded me of a little European boy. We finally decided we should pack up and go--after a quick exploring trip by the boys--and loaded everyone into the car. I had to take a picture of the power lines, because they had "beach ball" things on them. A few days prior to our California trip, Reed had asked me about the "beach ball things" on the power lines and I had no idea what he was talking about. He was SO excited to see the beach ball things again so I could see them, too. Apparently the beach ball things make the power lines visible to low-flying planes so the planes don't crash into them.

About ten minutes from home (literally), Asher fell asleep. How cute is he?

And somehow, through a combo of sleep and sheer wiggliness, Lila ended up all shlumpy in her chair. I should probably do something about that.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July started in one of the best ways possible: at the beach. My parents were in Simi for the family 5K, so they accompanied us to Eric and Mary's beach house, where we spent the morning. The weather was perfect: overcast. Simi had been hot that week, so a respite from the sun was amazing. The boys loved the water, even though it was absolutely freeing. Lila actually loved the water, too! At one point, Asher was shaking and had blue lips, but when we asked him if he wanted to come dry off and warm up he yelled, "No! I'm not cold!" He was having a lot of fun.

They also had a fantastic time digging in the sand. Lila is not okay with sand touching her--so she spent her time walking between my mom and I, taking as few steps on the sand as possible so her feet didn't have to touch for long, then digging from our laps. She's a little bit ridiculous. And cute, when she fell asleep post-beach:

We went to Panda Express for lunch which, in retrospect, seemed a little odd, as it was a day we were celebrating being American. But anyway.

We spend every Fourth of July evening enjoying the lawn next to the church--as does the rest of the LDS community in Simi. We'd staked out our traditional spots early that morning, so once we ate dinner we were ready to go!

The boys talked my dad and mom into several trips across the grassy field to the other side, where they'd roll down the tiny hill. The only downside was that the other side of the field was in full sunlight, so it was quite hot. Eventually we convinced them to hang out with the girls for a while.

Notice the matching shirts? We made those with the girls on the third. The boys were quite excited to have matching shirts with their cousins.

Eventually we broke out the poppers that Grandma H got for us. Unfortunately, she was quite sick so didn't get to see how much alllllllll the kids loved those poppers. We left quite a popper massacre sight.

At the beach, we didn't look like we got much sun. At the grassy field I realized that maybe I should have made the kids hold still a little longer so I could do a better job sunscreening their faces. More than one person asked if we painted their faces for the Fourth of July. I'm not joking.

The girls taught Lila how to carefully set a popper on the ground, then smash it with her foot to get it to pop. She was immediately hooked. She popped poppers with the best of them.

Then I tried to corral my children for a few pictures. I was uber successful.

Finally, darkness started to settle in. We brought out the huge bag of glow sticks Grandma H got for us and the kids got a little crazy decorating themselves...

And then it was time for the big show! Thankfully, there was no crazy firework accident, like last year--and the city made up for last year's failed show with the craziest finale I've ever seen in person. The boys both loved the fireworks. Lila was initially startled and crying, but once I pulled her on my lap and pointed out the source of the noise she was enthralled. She kept pointing to the fireworks and waving "hi." She tried to get down a few times, but with a little coaxing ended up staying on my lap the entire time!

Happy Fourth!

Crack kills

Sometimes, Lila just can't leave her diaper alone...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Activities: Erupting Snow

One of our most beloved summer activities was "erupting snow." It was easy to make--you mix shaving cream into baking soda until it starts clumping together and feels like snow. The boys LOVED it. They played with it for over an hour and a half, no joke. The "snow" was a huge mess, so I'm quite glad they enjoyed it.

When they were done playing, we piled the snow into a bowl and poured vinegar over the top so it erupted. Then the boys played with it some more. Next time, they want to do the eruption first, then play with the wet snow. They're crazy but I sure love them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Their First Outfits

This is random, but I had a thought today and I wanted to post it because I'm not sure I have ever posted about this particular subject.

The first outfit.

We held out with Reed--we weren't going to buy clothes until we know if we were having a boy or girl. Then, a week before the gender ultrasound, we broke down. There was an Old Navy far too close to our doctor's office and we wandered in after an appointment one day. And they were having a huge sale. We bought a bursting at the seams bag of clothes, boy and girl. We ended up returning the girl clothes a week later.

These two onesies were part of the shopping spree:

When we found out I was pregnant with Asher, we went out to dinner (at Olive Garden) that very night to celebrate. While we were out, we went shopping, of course. We found this cute little pumpkin romper on clearance and, since he was due near Halloween, we knew we had to have it. We didn't know his gender yet, but knew the outfit would work for a boy or a girl.

With Lila, we wanted to do the same thing we had with Asher--buy an outfit or shirt that could work for a boy or a girl. Just a few days after we found out I was pregnant, we found this little onesie at Children's Place and were sold!

And there you have it. The random story of the first outfit we bought for each baby!