Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A new skill

The boys--particularly Asher--have ridiculously fast-growing hair. Maybe all boys are like this--I really don't know. But it seemed like every time I turned around they both needed haircuts. Badly. And haircuts are not exactly cheap. Each time their hair started getting longer, I'd watch diligently for Great Clips coupons in the mail, hoping for a timely arrival.

Until one day I'd had enough. I was making my bi-monthly Wal-Mart trip anyway and wandered onto the hair clipper row. When I saw how inexpensive the hair clippers were, I knew it was time. I chose some clippers and was on my way. The next day I got Lila down for a nap, watched a few instructional youtube videos, put a show on the ipad for the boys, and got down to business.

I was quite nervous, but remembered that their hair does grow super quickly, so if they did end up with any bald spots they'd grow in soon. Steeling myself, I switched the clippers on, and 45 minutes later...

The looked great! Or at least not bad. Way to go, me.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Impressive! Way to go Meg. :) They look great.