Saturday, July 12, 2014


The boys LOVE riding bikes. And Lila loves being outside. So we often find ourselves on the street in front of our house, riding various bikes, trikes, scooters, and strollers. Luckily, we live at the open end of a cul-de-sac in a very quiet neighborhood, so I can stand in the street opening and let the kids ride all over our street without worrying about traffic.

A few weeks ago (a monthish now?), Ryan and I thought Reed might be ready to take off the training wheels and knew he was definitely ready to move up to a bigger bike. We decided to teach him on his little bike, since he was already comfortable on that bike, then move him up to the big bike. Reed was pumped at first, then really, really scared once he started. It's a good thing Ryan was the main teacher, because I would have wimped out and let Reed stop trying the first day--which would have been a shame, because by just the third day, Reed could start by himself, stop by himself, turn, and stay balanced while riding. It was crazy impressive.

Then came time to move to the big bike. Side note: I was at WalMart late one night (I like to do my shopping after the kids are asleep) and found a Lightning McQueen bike in the next size up (the side Reed was moving to) on clearance for $25. What the what!? Anyway, back to the big bike. Reed was pumped about the bike because it looked super cool, but by the end of the first practice was crying because it was a lot harder to ride. Again, Ryan persevered and again, by practice number three Reed had it down! Now he is super comfortable on his bike and loves to ride all the time, like he used to. He tells me now that it just feels like he is riding with training wheels on.

When Reed moved up bikes, we thought it would be great for Asher to move from the trike to the rocket bike (the bike Reed had been on). Asher thought he was hot stuff to be riding the big bike and had it mastered in one day. Super impressive. Now, he usually rides the rocket bike, but occassionally defers to the trike or his scooter.

It makes me nervous to do anything too distracting (pictures included), while the boys are riding, so this is all I've got:

Here is Asher's tricycle trick he pulled out right before the great bike switch:

Reed riding with no training wheels:

And for good measure, a video Lila riding her bike:

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Cutest bikers ever!!