Thursday, July 3, 2014

Playtime with Lila

One day the boys were playing outside and I was trying to get Lila interested in toys inside. She was not a steady walker yet, and our backyard is just rocks and dirt--so I didn't want her crawling around in all the rocks.

We started with the gumball machine. 

At first she was pretty impressed.

And kept pushing the button, taking the balls out, and putting them back in.

Then she noticed the boys.

I said, "Where's your Bubbas?" She showed me.

Then I said, "Where's your Bubbas?" again and she didn't know.

Then she walked in a wide circle around the room. Sometimes she has a hard time with sharp turns.

Then she paused at the table, before she came to me and begged to go outside.

So we did :)

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