Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silverwood Lake

We've been making a habit of driving back from California on Monday, rather than Sunday, because the drive is so much better. And we get to stay for all of Sunday--which usually includes really excellent food and a lot of family time. We try to do something Monday morning, then drive back so we get home before bedtime.

On this particular trip, though, we were having a time trying to decide what to do Monday morning. All our great ideas got shot down when they were either too expensive, too far out of the way, or too closed. Then Ryan had a flash of inspiration that led us to find Silverwood Lake, a gem only 10 miles off I-15 just past San Bernadino. The pictures we saw looked nice, but we weren't completely sure what to expect or if it was really going to be a great stop.

As it turned out, Silverwood Lake was a great stop.

We didn't need our last row of seats this trip, so we took them out and took the boys' bikes instead. They loved having their bikes at Grandma's house and their bikes were perfect for the lake. The lake had a bike path that wound around the lake itself and through picnic areas. The weather was great and the boys had fun riding around. Ryan stayed with Reed and I followed Asher with Lila in the stroller. Asher and I had a few rough spots where he thought the hills were really, really steep downhill (they really weren't) and wanted me to hold his handlebars while I pushed Lila in the stroller. We worked it out, though.

Unfortunately, Reed lost control on one downhill part that was actually steep and crashed into a grill. Thankfully it was not lit and his front tire took the brunt of the blow. He scraped up his hand, though, and was quite shaken and kind of freaking out (me, too). We got him back onto his bike and he rode protestingly to the car.

We did make it to the car, though, and drove to another part of the lake where we enjoyed a picnic that we'd had the foresight to pack.

When we finished eating, we headed down to the beach to play. The water was so warm and I was a little sad we didn't have suits on. (Really, though, who wants to swim in the lake then go ride in a car for three hours, covered in sand?)

On our way out of Simi, we'd stopped at store to pick up buckets and shovels. Good decision.

I helped Lila for a while, mainly ensuring she didn't walk into the water, as she kept attempting, then Ryan took over Lila patrol while the boys and I dug an awesome river system that meandered beautifully until it emptied back into the lake. I don't know why, but I love to dig in sand.

I rolled Reed's shorts up to keep them from getting wet and he reminded me of a little European boy. We finally decided we should pack up and go--after a quick exploring trip by the boys--and loaded everyone into the car. I had to take a picture of the power lines, because they had "beach ball" things on them. A few days prior to our California trip, Reed had asked me about the "beach ball things" on the power lines and I had no idea what he was talking about. He was SO excited to see the beach ball things again so I could see them, too. Apparently the beach ball things make the power lines visible to low-flying planes so the planes don't crash into them.

About ten minutes from home (literally), Asher fell asleep. How cute is he?

And somehow, through a combo of sleep and sheer wiggliness, Lila ended up all shlumpy in her chair. I should probably do something about that.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

This sounds like a fun place. And I agree...there really is something soothing about digging in the sand!