Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spaghetti + Marshmallows

One of the summer activities we decided to try was building with spaghetti, toothpicks, and marshmallows. At first, Reed thought I was crazy because he heard "spaghetti" and thought "cooked spaghetti"--he finally asked me, "But won't they be all wiggly?" and I finally realized the miscommunication. Once we were on the same page, though, he was excited to try it.

Asher started by making a very complex "guy."

While Reed immediately set to work on a house.

Eventually Asher moved on to house building, too. His was a little wobbly until we added about ten extra supports. I was impressed, though, by how much he did himself.

Reed opted for a one-story model in favor of stability.

The boys kept daring me to go higher, so I kept building until I got to four stories. Phew. Then we connected them all together.

Then the boys started sneaking marshmallows and, when I gave them the green light to eat a few, decided to shove handfuls into their mouths.

 This is why we do these activities when Lila is sleeping.

 When their supply ran out, they turned to their buildings...
Before deciding they actually wanted to keep the buildings around for a few days.

Three cheers for fun activities!

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