Thursday, July 31, 2014


After our Fourth of July trip, we were greeted back to Vegas by a 95* house--so we turned on the air and went out to dinner. After dinner we got half-price shakes at Sonic (woot) and went to the park to enjoy them. It was dark out, but still hot. We wanted to stall going home--we knew our house would still feel awful--so we let the boys ride bikes around the park. Finally, it started sprinkling and we took that as our cue to leave. We were already at an hour past bedtime, after all. We got the kids home and in bed (still 90* inside, geesh), and unloaded the car. We were just settling down to a few episodes of Bones when the rain started. No, not the sprinkles of hours, earlier, real, heavy rain. I couldn't stop going to the window to admire it. Finally, Ryan grabbed our suits, we changed, then ran outside. We were drenched immediately, but ran a lap down our street. The streets were rivers by this point and so much fun to splash in. Ryan smooched me, then we decided that since we were both FREEZING (we definitely expected our desert rain to be hot) and the lightning was getting unnervingly close, we'd better go in.

Our rain dance was so out of character for us, but so much fun.

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