Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Taking More Pictures

I used to take a ton of pictures all the time and blog about them all. I was so great at documenting our everyday lives. But, with each child has come, surprisingly, fewer pictures and, less surprisingly, less time to write blog posts. I used to have hundreds of pictures each month and now it's surprising if I have more than twenty. So, in an effort to preserve a little more of our day-to-day, I've made a goal to take more pictures--and, hopefully, to at least kind of blog about them.

This particular day was really hot (like every day)--too hot for bikes. So we filled up the water table and these three went to town. They all had so much fun: Asher shooting his water squirter straight up into the air repeatedly, Reed aiming his water squirter over and at the wall, and Lila filling up a cup over and over again. I took my pictures--I had to capture their facial expressions--then went out and grabbed my own water squirter. We had a fun time.


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Mandi Rolfe said...

How fun! Ofcourse the boys look adorable too...but Lila...those smiles!!! Adorable!!