Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 18

First, a few stats:
Weight: 24.6 lbs. (70th percentile)
Height: 31 in. (25th percentile)
Head: 19.5 in. (95th percentile)
Random but true: Reed, Asher, and Lila have all been basically exactly this size at 18 months, within a few ounces. ODD.

Lila loves helping me cook. Her favorite thing to help with is dumping ingredients into the kitchenaid--usually when we're making a bread-related product. Anytime she sees me put on my apron, she starts pointing to her belly and complaining because she needs her apron--now. If I give the boys a turn to add an ingredient, she complains until I give her something to dump in. I think her favorite thing to add is flour--I pour it in and she pats the bottom of the measuring cup to help it into the mixer. (And by complain I mean makes a noise repeatedly, usually "uh uh uh" while emphatically pointing at what she wants.)

Lila has a little care bear shirt that she has mostly outgrown that somehow made it's way to her pajama drawer (probably because it exposes too much belly when she moves to wear out in public, but still fits fine for sleep, is super cozy, and, well, she is highly lacking in the pajama department). That was an awful sentence. Anyway, the shirt. After not noticing the shirt for the many months we owned it, one day she looked down, saw a PURPLE BEAR, then rubbed the bear and found that it was a cool texture--and she was sold. New favorite shirt. Kaboom. Anytime we put it on, she goes to each person in our family, points to her shirt, then rubs her belly and smiles. It's ridiculous and awesome.

Lila learned to say "yeah" before she learned to nod her head "yes." But now she has learned to nod "yes" and it is the cutest thing, ever! Her head nod? It's more of an entire body bob. Sometimes when I'm holding her and ask her a question, I know the answer not because I can see her head but because I can feel her entire body moving up and down. I love it. 
LJ has started pulling everything out of her hair again, but one day she actually left in the little bow and looked so sweet!

My mom was holding Lila at our family 5K and suddenly Lila noticed that she and my mom were wearing matching shirts! She started pointing to her shirt, then my mom's shirt, then back to her own shirt repeatedly, smiling the entire time. She was so excited. Speaking of clothes--Lila is starting to have an opinion about what she wears! She won't usually "refuse" to wear something--sometimes she'll shake her head no if I grab something she doesn't want to wear, but is usually fine with it when I put it on and doesn't resist. She does LOVE to pick out her clothes and jammies, though. She rummages through the drawer, then holds up what she finds like a trophy. 

Girlfriend loves to accessorize--notice her medal necklace. We let her try popcorn and m n ms during a movie night and she was loving it.
Lila almost runs. Almost. She is so close--and on 7/26/14, at Target, she took her first two legitimate running-like steps (where both feet are off the ground for a second). She does walk extremely fast at times and I'm thinking she will be crazy excited when she can run.

Two weeks ago Lila woke up EARLY. Too early. Sometimes (not often) she wakes up in the early hours, cries for a minute or two,and goes back to sleep. Not this time. Sh was doing her "I'm super upset and only a person can console me" cry, so I went in to get her. We ended up cuddling in her the big bed in her room until I had to get ready for ward council. Ryan came and took my spot and she slept in his arms for another hour. I was so tired, but it was really sweet to get to cuddle with her while she slept--that's not something that really happens any more.

Lila has a favorite book that she chooses for us to read at every nap and bed time. I'm not even sure what it's called, but it's a foam book with animal foam shapes on each page that come out and you can put back in like a puzzle. She loves it so much.

Lila went through a crazy clingy phase and just wanted to be held allllllll day. She also took awful naps.At least I got a few good cuddles in.
Lila doesn't talk much, but she is quite good at communicating what she wants with gestures and sounds. One thing she really likes to communicate is where she wants me to be. Sometimes she'll plop down, then stare me down while she points at the stop immediately next to her. Or she'll scoot two chairs by each other, sit in one, then tap the other one until I respond to her in some way.

As I mentioned, Lila doesn't talk much, but she is talking more than she was and usually attempts to say things along with signs or her own motions that show us what she wants. These words are her most commonly used words: luh-luh (Lila), bee-uh (bear), mama, dada (or just da), bree (Reed), yeah, woah, dee-doo (thank you--usually she just uses a sign at random when I tell her to say thank you), nye-nye (night night), buh-buh (bye bye or bubba/brother), baby, and buhv (love). She loves to wave "hi" and "bye" and blow kisses, and usually uses one of those to greet people rather than saying a word. 

If we ask Lila to make her "scary noise" she does this crazy growl thing. It's awesome.

Lila LOVES to help unload the dishwasher. I had her help me one day as a way to get her to stop screaming. She did stop screaming and discovered a new hobby. Her favorite job is climbing on the stool, opening the drawer, and piling the kids' silverware into its spot.

Lila HAS to walk Ryan out in the mornings when he leaves for work. Even if she is mid-bite, if she hears Ryan say goodbye or sees him start walking to the door, she lifts her hands up and complains until we let her out of her booster seat. She walks him outside (usually accompanied by the boys), gives him a high five through his window once he's in the car, then waves and blows kisses while he drives away. She also loves to sit in the doorway with the boys to wait for Ryan to get home. If they don't happen to be waiting in the doorway, as soon as she hears the lock turning she bolts for the door to greet Ryan with a hug.

On Saturday (7/26) Lila taught herself two new tricks: opening doors (the kind with the handle that pull down) and pushing the button on the side of the TV to turn it on! She suddenly seemed so big!

Jae learned to use a spoon!

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