Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 67

One day Reed made a connection while he was watching the show Wild Kratts. On the show, the characters have a boat/car/home base thing called the "tortuga." Reed realized a few things that there was a book at school that was titled Tortuga that was about turtles and the tortuga on Wild Kratts was shaped like a turtle--so the word tortuga must mean turtle! He reasoned through the entire thing aloud and I loved hearing it.
I took this series of pictures while he was playing with k'nex one day. I love his expressions--and he didn't know I was taking the pictures, so these are the real faces he makes when he builds!
Reed was playing with his mobigo (AKA "game thing") and the battery died right as he was at the end of a level he'd been working on for a long time. He told me, "I even said no for a long time!" I just pictured him alone in my room saying, "Nooooooooooooo."
Okay, he did know about this one!
We were driving one day when Reed told me that he really wants a mountain bike because it rides on rocks. I asked him how he knew about mountain bikes and he said he was watching How it Works and it said (and he started using a different voice), "Today on How it Works you will be seeing..." then he continued in his regular voice, "Then it said like mountain bikes."
He was annoyed with me for taking pictures haha.
Reed was talking about the Ensign with Asher and they were trying to figure out how it is different from the Friend. Reed decided that "they just make it more parenty."

Here's another real deal face.
One day I walked into the room while Reed was doing his quiet time. He was in the middle of making a video on his camera. The video consisted of him holding one of his k'nex buildings and moving the parts while he narrated the video, explaining what each part of his k'nex creation did. This little scenario is one he explains to me several times a day with various buildings, but seeing him make it into a video made me think immediately of How it Works. He was making a copy his favorite show!
Hard at work.
Reed has realized that he can pick up Lila and carry her around. Now he does it all the time, often to her dismay. He has also realized that he can pick up Asher and (kind of) carry Asher around. Asher, in contrast to Lila, requests Reed pick him up all the time. They both die laughing and usually end up in a pile on the floor!

I said, "Hey Reed, will you look up at me and smile?" He gave a halfhearted fake attempt.
I told him to give a real smile. This is what he did. Awesome.

And finally he just went back to playing and ignored me altogether! Haha.

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