Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Monthly Reed: 68

While we were in Colorado, Nick did some dental work for Mandi. She was telling the little boys about it and they started talking about how you get cavities. Cole explained that cavities come from too much junk food. Mandi explained that cavities can also come from not brushing your teeth well enough. Reed thought about it for a minute, then asked, "So Mandi, which one was it for you?"

Before our family 5K, Asher told us he wanted to do a medium amount of the race. He did about five minutes of the race. Halfway through the 5K Reed asked my dad how far they were. My dad explained they were about halfway. Reed thought about my dad's answer, then said, "I don't think Asher really did a medium amount."

Ryan recently ordered new glasses online. The glasses came in the mail and Reed said, "Wow, that glasses case looks handsome." "Handsome" is exactly the word Ryan would have used to describe it.

One day Reed was writing and told me, "I'm like really talented at writing Rs." 

Reed has been quite fascinated by teeth and the tooth fairy lately. Anytime he describes or asks questions about teeth, he calls teeth "baby teeth" and "parent teeth."

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