Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slimy Slimy Slime

We've tried slime in the form of oobleck before--and it's fun, but oh so messy. And once you're done playing with the oobleck, you have to toss it because it does not keep well, which is kind of sad. The other day I decided to try a new slime recipe on a whim. And it was a great success. The slime was easy to make, fun to play with, and was NOT messy! It didn't stick all over our hands and didn't make a mess on the table because it stuck together so well. And it is saveable! We are happy slime campers over here.

Reed and Asher played happily with the slime for almost two hours. Lila was not so sure about the slime at first. I'd put a little glob of it in her hand and she'd immediately pull it off and put it back in the bowl. Eventually she got over her textural issues and kind of enjoyed playing with our slime.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 19

At Grandma's house, we found out that Lila is quite scared of dogs. My mom's dog is small--but size didn't matter. Anytime Lila heard the tell-tale jingling of Coco's collar, she would start whimpering and go running to the nearest adult. She wouldn't relax until we'd pick her up. If Coco were lying on the ground, Lila would take the long way to whatever she wanted so she didn't have to walk past Coco.
She found herself a chair, then made loud noises until I acknowledged her cuteness.

At Grandma's house, we also learned that Lila loves the sewing machine. She was particularly obsessed with pushing the foot pedal of the sewing machine down with her little foot.

Ryan and I found a repainted a little wooden rocking horse at DI before Lila was even born. She didn't pay attention to it for a while, but now she loves it. She plays on it at least once every day. We have some of the more Lila-friendly toys accessible to her in her room (just inside the closet) and she loves having her own little spot. She loves her toys.

Lila doesn't talk a ton, but she's adding more words all the time. Here's a current-ish list of words:
 luh-luh (Lila), bee-uh (bear) (but she usually says it three times--bee-uh bee-uh bee-uh), mama, dada (or just da), bree (Reed), yeah, woah, dee-doo (thank you--usually she just uses a sign at random when I tell her to say thank you), nye-nye (night night), buh-buh (bye bye or bubba/brother), baby, buhv (love), ball, baby, hi, Jae Jae, ha ha (hot), worl (roll), me me (me!), mine, beeee (please), dedus (Jesus) deeeee (cheese), wah wah (walk).

When I get Lila out of the car, the first thing she does is point to the ground and say, "Wah wah!" (Walk walk)" If I don't let her walk, she flops backward so her head is dangling and I'm only clutching on to her waist. She's crazy. We've compromised, though, and I'll usually let her walk as long as she holds my hand.

After realizing that Lila is obsessed with pillows (and making sure she was old enough to have one), we decided to give her a pillow in her bed. To say she loves the pillow would be an understatement. She absolutely adores her pillow. We generally cut our rocking and singing short (like half a song short) because she is pointing at her crib, wanting to go lay on her pillow! When I get her when she wakes up, she grabs her pillow, shoves it into my face, then lays on her pillow on me.

Poor sick Dolly.
Another recent bedtime routine love we've discovered are Lila's "pretty lights." The noise maker we have has a little projector built into it that has three slides that have various baby-friendly scenes (one is a nighttime animals scene, one is an underwater scene, and one is a jungle scene). Lila loves her pretty lights and as soon as they turn on she points and starts waving "hi" to the animals. We leave them on while we rock, then she waves good night (occasionally blowing a kiss), and we turn them off and put her to bed. 

Random, but true: Lila loves having her diaper changed and is usually insistent on being the person who takes the diaper out to the garage to throw it away. Also, whenever someone mentions going potty, Lila immediately grabs her diaper, wanting a change. And anytime I go to the bathroom she accompanies me because she is obsessed with washing her hands.

The boys both had pink eye, then graciously passed it along to me. We all had to do a course of eye drops and Lila was super jealous. Every time we did the drops, she'd lay down by us and point to her eye. Well, luckily for her, she developed her very own case of pink eye. I didn't think she'd be a fan of the drops when she had to do them, but so far she has been great for the drops and willingly comes when I tell her it's time.

Surprisingly, I can usually reason with Lila. For example, if she wants to walk but doesn't have any shoes and doesn't want to pause long enough to put them on, I'll ask her if she wants to walk. She'll respond "yeah" and I'll tell her if she wants to walk she needs to put her shoes on. Usually, she'll immediately stick her foot out for her shoe. It doesn't always work, but it works often enough that I count on it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Forbuss Falcon

Peace out preschool!

This week was quite momentous: Reed started Kindergarten on Monday (8/25/14)!

Excuse me while I shed a tear or two.

Anyway, Reed was ever so excited to be a Kindergartner.  During the week leading up to Kindergarten, he did start to get a little nervous. On Sunday night, we started what I hope will be a back-to-school tradition: we gave the boys a small treat (Smarties, because they are both smarty pants boys!) and Ryan gave Reed a father's blessing. (Asher wanted to wait until school was closer for him for his blessing.) The blessing was a really special experience for Ryan and Reed (and me!) and I am so grateful that Ryan is a worthy priesthood holder who can give us blessings in times of need. After the blessing, we read a cute Kindergarten story from The Friend, then worked on our family puzzle for a little while before bed.

 On Monday morning, we made sure we got ready in plenty of time for pictures. Asher and Lila had to jump in a few pictures, of course. And yes, Lila is wearing Uggs. Her choice.

Reed chose his backpack for two reasons: 1. It has a lunchbox and a special little pouch with a pencil, eraser, notebook, and ruler that came with it and 2. It has a spy code hidden in the picture that only he understands.

When it was time to go get one of his new shirts for him to wear. He said, "Oh, I already know which one I want. It's the new red one with the crazy face."

Once I had what I deemed a sufficient amount of pictures, Reed and Ryan set out for school. Ryan likes to do the first day dropoff, to make it extra special.

 They went early so Reed could play on the playground and get comfortable for a little while. When Ryan suggested Reed introduce himself to a few kids, Reed got a little teary and didn't want to. Then, when it was time to line up on his dot and go inside, Ryan gave Reed a hug and told him that parents didn't go into the classroom--just kids. Reed got a little teary again, but when his teacher (Ms. McClenathan) came out, Reed walked into school with a smile and a wave.

Ashie, Lila, and I picked Reed up after school. He had a pink ticket that said, "I got caught following the rules" and a big smile on his face. He told me and Ryan both several times that he was the only boy with three girls at his table. He also told me that some of the kids were being crazy in the hallway, so he said something like, "Let's go Falcons!" (he couldn't remember exactly) to help them remember to be good. In the days since, he keeps telling me, "Mom, I really like Kindergarten." It's going to be a good year.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sickness + Bubble Snakes (or heavy + light)

On Wednesday, Lila got sick. It was just a cold, no big deal beside some clinginess and grumpiness. 

On Thursday night, Asher woke up screaming his head off because his ears hurt. After laying with him until he fell asleep three times in the space of two hours, I finally brought him into our bed. He fell asleep, only to wake up thirsty minutes later crying, whimpering, screaming, thrashing, kicking--he was inconsolable. I tried holding him and singing to him but he just couldn't calm down. Ryan decided to give Asher a blessing, As soon as Ryan laid his hands on Asher's head Asher stopped kicking and thrashing. Then, within a minute of starting the blessing, Asher was fast asleep. Asher slept quite soundly the rest of the night (though I didn't sleep quite as soundly as he repeatedly kicked me. Ryan escaped to the extra bed in Lila's room). I don't think I've ever witnessed a blessing that was so immediately effective. Both of us just stared at each other for a minute after the blessing, somewhat in awe. I am so grateful for the priesthood and beyond grateful that Ryan is a worthy priesthood holder who can bless us in times of need.

On Friday, I was planning to go to the doctor with Asher. But when he woke up and told me his ears were totally fine, we decided to wait a while and see. That is when the drainage started. His eyes and his ears both were basically leaking all day. Apparently all the pressure from the ridiculous amounts of fluid coming out of his body were what was bothering his ears. Lila was draining, as well. That night, Reed started complaining about his throat hurting. I woke up in the night to Asher and Lila crying at different times and realized I was sick, too.

On Saturday, we got out of the house. We needed a break from being inside. We got home around lunch time, ate, and crashed. We were all still sore throaty/draining/exhausted Saturday. On Saturday night, Ryan started to get sick. I was up in the night with one of the kids again.

On Sunday, I had to be at church. Ryan stayed home with all the sick ones. Lila's eyes cleared up, but Asher's were goopier than ever--which is when I thought, "Hey, maybe he has pinkeye." A call to the doctor confirmed my suspicions. Noooooooooooo. I did get to sleep all night, so there was that.

On Monday, Asher started medicine. 

On Tuesday, we realized Reed had pink eye and he started medicine, too. And then I went crazy. Too many grumpy kids, not enough sleep, still feeling poorly myself, and I snapped. I'm not even joking. It was an awful day.

On Wednesday, we still couldn't leave the house because Reed hadn't been on antibiotics long enough. But I knew that Wednesday would be every bit as awful as Tuesday unless something changed. We had to do something beside be inside. We were finally feeling a little better, but couldn't go anywhere public. So......

...we sat on the shady side of our house (AKA the front walk that leads to our door) and did bubble snakes.

Truthfully, Wednesday was still a hard day. But I read my scriptures, said a lot of prayers, and the day was much better than Tuesday. Thankfully.

Today is Thursday and we did another activity to dispel the we're-going-crazy-because-we're-still-stuck-inside blues. Thursday has been better than Wednesday.

Tomorrow we have plans to LEAVE THE HOUSE. For three separate and exciting activities. We're ready.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 46

One of my favorite words that Asher and Asher alone says is "naccently." "Naccently" means "accidentally." He's said the word this way as long as he's been able to say it. It's kind of hilarious.

One day Asher was talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. He said, "You know how boys are daddies? I want to be a daddy!"

While we were in  Colorado and Reed was sick, Asher went with my parents and his cousins to Home Depot. It was his idea to get an extra Home Depot building kit to take home for Bubba so he could build it later.

Also during the Colorado trip my dad cleaning the car windows at a gas station. Asher asked, "Why is Grandpa making the up window dirtier!?"

One day Asher was asking Lila to stop doing something and she, of course, was not listening at all. He said, "These instructions are not hard, Dolly!"

Asher is constantly trying to hold his own with Reed and especially to impress Reed. All day long I hear, "Hey Bubb check this out!" Reed is usually pretty good about checking out whatever it is Asher wants to show him, but when Reed doesn't immediately pay attention Asher repeats himself over. And over. And over again.

Asher still takes a solid daily nap! I'm not sure how much longer we will have this blessing in our lives but I will take it while I can. He naps 1.5-2.5 hours, depending on the day. And as long as I make sure he's awake by 4 p.m., he'll still sleep at night. He loves to nap in my bed because if he naps in my bed, he gets "Frozen songs" on the TV. Frozen songs are basically a mix of all Disney movie songs. 

Asher has learned to navigate the Apple TV by himself and LOVES to be in charge of the remote. He can get his Frozen songs without help and always begs Reed to let him be in charge of the remote when they watch a show. There are only a few buttons, and the only button with words says "Menu." Asher can frequently be heard instructing the remote holder (on the rare occasion he's not controlling the remote), saying, "'M' Bubba! Push 'M'!" Even after he's got a show started, he holds the remote. In fact, he usually holds the remote for the duration of the show, occasionally pushing pause just because he can.

I've mentioned that Asher loves puzzles. Well, we decided to step the puzzle game up a notch. We got a 50 piece puzzle from Goodwill and started working on it as a family (well, minus Dolly Destructo). Asher loves when we give him a piece and ask him to find where it goes. And, if he has a section of like pieces, he does a pretty good job of putting them together.

Ryan was Asher's sub in primary today. I asked Asher if he felt excited to have Daddy for his teacher and Asher responded, "Yeah, the only thing I'm not excited about is that he's not my teacher every time."

Asher loves Lila. Lila mostly loves Asher. They make each other a little crazy and are either hugging and pushing each other, depending on the minute.

We spent the last two weeks feeling awful. Everyone was sick. While we were sick, Asher took (literally) 200 pictures on my phone, as well as approximately 20 videos. He also got hooked on cough drops. Now that he's better, he'll fake cough once, then tell me, "I've been coughing a lot. I probably need a cough drop." Right. He had to have eye drops and amoxicillan for pink eye. He hated the eye drops, but actually did surprisingly well most of the time. He loved the amoxicillan, especially since he got to have special pink medicine and all Bub got were eye drops.

Asher is obsessed with cute bandaids. Our latest are batman.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A trick

One day Asher was eating his cereal when he suddenly yelled, "MOM! LOOK AT MY CEREAL BOWL!" I looked and saw one crunch berry that had accidentally balanced itself on the rim.

Something cool had happened to Asher, so of course Reed immediately said, "I can do that, too!" And balanced his own crunch berry.

Who knew that even a bowl of cereal could bring out their competitive sides!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tooth Saga

On June 21, we were eating lunch when Reed told me that one of his teeth "felt funny." I knew his teeth were likely to start wiggling soon, so I felt his tooth. Sure enough, he had not one but two very slightly wiggly teeth! I made him take a picture right away because, as I told him, it might be his last picture with all his baby teeth!

Please note that the two wiggly teeth in question were also Reed's very first two teeth to ever grow in. Sniffle.

Anyway, we told my mom about the wiggly teeth and she made Reed a little tooth pillow, which she planned to give to him when we saw her for the Fourth of July. Reed really didn't want to lose his teeth until he had the tooth pillow to put them in, so he didn't mess with them at all for a few weeks. Fourth of July came and went, Reed got his pillow--and his teeth were still very snugly sitting in his mouth.

We went camping on July 25--over a month after Reed's teeth had initially wiggled. One of his teeth was extremely wiggly at this point, and had actually scooted over to smoosh his other wiggly tooth. Reed ate a s'more, then came to ask me if he could have another marshmallow. As soon as he opened his mouth to talk, I noticed his tooth was missing! I told him--and he burst out in tears. His tooth fell out and he DIDN'T HAVE IT. In one of my quicker thinking moments, though, I pulled out the story of when I lost my tooth and swallowed it and how we wrote the tooth fairy a note and she still brought me money. Combined with Ryan laughing about the "monster marshmallow" that swallowed Reed's tooth, we once again had a happy boy.

Luckily, we also told him the Fairy probably wouldn't come while we were camping. The next day, Reed dictated the note and I wrote it for him, then he carefully tucked the note into his tooth pillow. He was very insistent we not write "monster marshmallow" because then the Tooth Fairy would think we were just pretending. The next morning, he found two Sacajawea dollars in his tooth pillow!  

Just a few days later (7/28), we were in St. George. Reed's second wiggly tooth had grown quite wiggly once his first tooth fell out. We were about to eat lunch and I didn't want to repeat the tooth swallowing fiasco, so I told him to bite into a grape to see if his tooth would come out. He bit in, felt something hard in his mouth, and pulled out a tooth!

This time the Fairy brought him one dollar and four quarters. Reed wanted to go to the store to find a little Lego set. We found the perfect set, he paid with his own money (plus a little change from mom :), and built the set all by himself the same day.

 I can't believe he is old enough to be losing teeth!