Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Best of the Rest III

*First, let's start by recognizing the fact that this post is my 1,000th post. Not joking.*

Ah, California. After every trip we start counting down until the time we get to go back. Here a re a few pictures that didn't fit into my other posts but that I loved too much to let rot in the archives of my phone.

Lila decided that both her feet needed to be on top of her cup, which was kind of a treat to watch. Also, that cup? It has a little recess on the top that I put snacks in once during a hike. Now she thinks the cup always needs to hold a snack.
Reed was really, really proud of his building and wanted me to take a picture. The things inside are couches.

We decided to take our bikes with us on the this trip. One morning, Ryan and I borrowed bikes from Kent and Ruth, left Lila to play with them, and rode around the neighborhood with the boys. The weather was amazing and the ride was fun.
Another bike ride shot.

Ryan and I snuck out on a date to see Million Dollar Arm. We realized that we hadn't been to a movie in over a year! And that movie was The Croods, a kids' movie. We used to go to movies weekly.

One day we went to McDonald's with Janelle + girls and the kids played on the playground forever. Then we went to Paint Pals, a ceramic painting place that also has a few random activities for kids, like this giant bubble wand. Awesome.

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