Friday, August 8, 2014

More Fun at Grandma's House

Kody introduced Reed to Skylanders Giants. Reed was kind of into it, but had a hard time controlling the players--we don't really play video games so he wasn't used to the controls. Reed quickly decided the game wasn't for him, but still hung out with Kody while Kody played on occasion.

Asher was most pumped about the legos/lego table. He built villages with my mom, dad, or me several times. Each village was a little different, and when he was ready to build a new village he'd invite "Dino Destructo" (AKA Lila) over to knock down the previous village.

Ashie is just goofy sometimes. In the back, you can see me working on a project. While I was visiting, my mom helped me make a valance for Lila's room as well as numbered t-shirts for all the grandkids.

A must-do when we go to Grandma's is a s'mores roast. If you're wondering why Lila's buttons are all undone, you should know that since she discovered how to undo snap buttons herself she can't stop herself from unsnapping them. Repeatedly. I usually button her initially, then don't even bother trying to rebutton her thirty seconds later, when she's already unsnapped herself. At least the jammies stay on!

Our s'mores group. Reed, Asher, and Kody all have handprint flag shirts that they actually made separately and all happened to bring. They were pretty pumped to match.

Kody and Hailey with their s'mores.

Asher might be the messiest s'more eater ever.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast at mom and dad's!! Asher's s'mores face is killin me!! Too funny. :)