Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On Grandma's Trampoline

When we found out that my niece and nephew Kody and Hailey were going to be in St. George spending the week with my parents, the kids and I decided to spend our week in St. George, too. We had a very fun week full of a lot of activities that culminated in a trip to Colorado for a baby blessing. Reed and Kody were so cute together--they spent the week off on one mission or another, having so much fun. Reed really looks up to Kody and loves playing wit 

One of the boys' favorite things to do at Grandma's house is to jump on the trampoline. They love jumping and are (usually) not even deterred by the heat. While we were in St. George last week, the weather happened to be a little cooler than usual, so the surface of the trampoline wasn't fire-like. They jumped and jumped and jumped. My mom, good sport that she is, jumped and jumped and jumped. I, not the best sport that I am, jumped and jumped. Lila, who hasn't really shown a preference for the trampoline before, jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped. She LOVED the trampoline so much and giggled the entire time she was on the trampoline, even when she face-planted. I've found that, as a mom, I'm often happy just watching my kids being happy. So we were all quite happy.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Love love love all of Lila's smiley faces!!! And that pic of Asher is so cute. :)