Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Forbuss Falcon

Peace out preschool!

This week was quite momentous: Reed started Kindergarten on Monday (8/25/14)!

Excuse me while I shed a tear or two.

Anyway, Reed was ever so excited to be a Kindergartner.  During the week leading up to Kindergarten, he did start to get a little nervous. On Sunday night, we started what I hope will be a back-to-school tradition: we gave the boys a small treat (Smarties, because they are both smarty pants boys!) and Ryan gave Reed a father's blessing. (Asher wanted to wait until school was closer for him for his blessing.) The blessing was a really special experience for Ryan and Reed (and me!) and I am so grateful that Ryan is a worthy priesthood holder who can give us blessings in times of need. After the blessing, we read a cute Kindergarten story from The Friend, then worked on our family puzzle for a little while before bed.

 On Monday morning, we made sure we got ready in plenty of time for pictures. Asher and Lila had to jump in a few pictures, of course. And yes, Lila is wearing Uggs. Her choice.

Reed chose his backpack for two reasons: 1. It has a lunchbox and a special little pouch with a pencil, eraser, notebook, and ruler that came with it and 2. It has a spy code hidden in the picture that only he understands.

When it was time to go get one of his new shirts for him to wear. He said, "Oh, I already know which one I want. It's the new red one with the crazy face."

Once I had what I deemed a sufficient amount of pictures, Reed and Ryan set out for school. Ryan likes to do the first day dropoff, to make it extra special.

 They went early so Reed could play on the playground and get comfortable for a little while. When Ryan suggested Reed introduce himself to a few kids, Reed got a little teary and didn't want to. Then, when it was time to line up on his dot and go inside, Ryan gave Reed a hug and told him that parents didn't go into the classroom--just kids. Reed got a little teary again, but when his teacher (Ms. McClenathan) came out, Reed walked into school with a smile and a wave.

Ashie, Lila, and I picked Reed up after school. He had a pink ticket that said, "I got caught following the rules" and a big smile on his face. He told me and Ryan both several times that he was the only boy with three girls at his table. He also told me that some of the kids were being crazy in the hallway, so he said something like, "Let's go Falcons!" (he couldn't remember exactly) to help them remember to be good. In the days since, he keeps telling me, "Mom, I really like Kindergarten." It's going to be a good year.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

Meg, this is so precious! But I just can't believe he's old enough to be in school. I bet his teacher loves him already. He's such a smart little boy. Love him!!!