Monday, August 25, 2014

Sickness + Bubble Snakes (or heavy + light)

On Wednesday, Lila got sick. It was just a cold, no big deal beside some clinginess and grumpiness. 

On Thursday night, Asher woke up screaming his head off because his ears hurt. After laying with him until he fell asleep three times in the space of two hours, I finally brought him into our bed. He fell asleep, only to wake up thirsty minutes later crying, whimpering, screaming, thrashing, kicking--he was inconsolable. I tried holding him and singing to him but he just couldn't calm down. Ryan decided to give Asher a blessing, As soon as Ryan laid his hands on Asher's head Asher stopped kicking and thrashing. Then, within a minute of starting the blessing, Asher was fast asleep. Asher slept quite soundly the rest of the night (though I didn't sleep quite as soundly as he repeatedly kicked me. Ryan escaped to the extra bed in Lila's room). I don't think I've ever witnessed a blessing that was so immediately effective. Both of us just stared at each other for a minute after the blessing, somewhat in awe. I am so grateful for the priesthood and beyond grateful that Ryan is a worthy priesthood holder who can bless us in times of need.

On Friday, I was planning to go to the doctor with Asher. But when he woke up and told me his ears were totally fine, we decided to wait a while and see. That is when the drainage started. His eyes and his ears both were basically leaking all day. Apparently all the pressure from the ridiculous amounts of fluid coming out of his body were what was bothering his ears. Lila was draining, as well. That night, Reed started complaining about his throat hurting. I woke up in the night to Asher and Lila crying at different times and realized I was sick, too.

On Saturday, we got out of the house. We needed a break from being inside. We got home around lunch time, ate, and crashed. We were all still sore throaty/draining/exhausted Saturday. On Saturday night, Ryan started to get sick. I was up in the night with one of the kids again.

On Sunday, I had to be at church. Ryan stayed home with all the sick ones. Lila's eyes cleared up, but Asher's were goopier than ever--which is when I thought, "Hey, maybe he has pinkeye." A call to the doctor confirmed my suspicions. Noooooooooooo. I did get to sleep all night, so there was that.

On Monday, Asher started medicine. 

On Tuesday, we realized Reed had pink eye and he started medicine, too. And then I went crazy. Too many grumpy kids, not enough sleep, still feeling poorly myself, and I snapped. I'm not even joking. It was an awful day.

On Wednesday, we still couldn't leave the house because Reed hadn't been on antibiotics long enough. But I knew that Wednesday would be every bit as awful as Tuesday unless something changed. We had to do something beside be inside. We were finally feeling a little better, but couldn't go anywhere public. So......

...we sat on the shady side of our house (AKA the front walk that leads to our door) and did bubble snakes.

Truthfully, Wednesday was still a hard day. But I read my scriptures, said a lot of prayers, and the day was much better than Tuesday. Thankfully.

Today is Thursday and we did another activity to dispel the we're-going-crazy-because-we're-still-stuck-inside blues. Thursday has been better than Wednesday.

Tomorrow we have plans to LEAVE THE HOUSE. For three separate and exciting activities. We're ready.

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