Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Monthly Asher: 46

One of my favorite words that Asher and Asher alone says is "naccently." "Naccently" means "accidentally." He's said the word this way as long as he's been able to say it. It's kind of hilarious.

One day Asher was talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. He said, "You know how boys are daddies? I want to be a daddy!"

While we were in  Colorado and Reed was sick, Asher went with my parents and his cousins to Home Depot. It was his idea to get an extra Home Depot building kit to take home for Bubba so he could build it later.

Also during the Colorado trip my dad cleaning the car windows at a gas station. Asher asked, "Why is Grandpa making the up window dirtier!?"

One day Asher was asking Lila to stop doing something and she, of course, was not listening at all. He said, "These instructions are not hard, Dolly!"

Asher is constantly trying to hold his own with Reed and especially to impress Reed. All day long I hear, "Hey Bubb check this out!" Reed is usually pretty good about checking out whatever it is Asher wants to show him, but when Reed doesn't immediately pay attention Asher repeats himself over. And over. And over again.

Asher still takes a solid daily nap! I'm not sure how much longer we will have this blessing in our lives but I will take it while I can. He naps 1.5-2.5 hours, depending on the day. And as long as I make sure he's awake by 4 p.m., he'll still sleep at night. He loves to nap in my bed because if he naps in my bed, he gets "Frozen songs" on the TV. Frozen songs are basically a mix of all Disney movie songs. 

Asher has learned to navigate the Apple TV by himself and LOVES to be in charge of the remote. He can get his Frozen songs without help and always begs Reed to let him be in charge of the remote when they watch a show. There are only a few buttons, and the only button with words says "Menu." Asher can frequently be heard instructing the remote holder (on the rare occasion he's not controlling the remote), saying, "'M' Bubba! Push 'M'!" Even after he's got a show started, he holds the remote. In fact, he usually holds the remote for the duration of the show, occasionally pushing pause just because he can.

I've mentioned that Asher loves puzzles. Well, we decided to step the puzzle game up a notch. We got a 50 piece puzzle from Goodwill and started working on it as a family (well, minus Dolly Destructo). Asher loves when we give him a piece and ask him to find where it goes. And, if he has a section of like pieces, he does a pretty good job of putting them together.

Ryan was Asher's sub in primary today. I asked Asher if he felt excited to have Daddy for his teacher and Asher responded, "Yeah, the only thing I'm not excited about is that he's not my teacher every time."

Asher loves Lila. Lila mostly loves Asher. They make each other a little crazy and are either hugging and pushing each other, depending on the minute.

We spent the last two weeks feeling awful. Everyone was sick. While we were sick, Asher took (literally) 200 pictures on my phone, as well as approximately 20 videos. He also got hooked on cough drops. Now that he's better, he'll fake cough once, then tell me, "I've been coughing a lot. I probably need a cough drop." Right. He had to have eye drops and amoxicillan for pink eye. He hated the eye drops, but actually did surprisingly well most of the time. He loved the amoxicillan, especially since he got to have special pink medicine and all Bub got were eye drops.

Asher is obsessed with cute bandaids. Our latest are batman.

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