Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Monthly Lila: 19

At Grandma's house, we found out that Lila is quite scared of dogs. My mom's dog is small--but size didn't matter. Anytime Lila heard the tell-tale jingling of Coco's collar, she would start whimpering and go running to the nearest adult. She wouldn't relax until we'd pick her up. If Coco were lying on the ground, Lila would take the long way to whatever she wanted so she didn't have to walk past Coco.
She found herself a chair, then made loud noises until I acknowledged her cuteness.

At Grandma's house, we also learned that Lila loves the sewing machine. She was particularly obsessed with pushing the foot pedal of the sewing machine down with her little foot.

Ryan and I found a repainted a little wooden rocking horse at DI before Lila was even born. She didn't pay attention to it for a while, but now she loves it. She plays on it at least once every day. We have some of the more Lila-friendly toys accessible to her in her room (just inside the closet) and she loves having her own little spot. She loves her toys.

Lila doesn't talk a ton, but she's adding more words all the time. Here's a current-ish list of words:
 luh-luh (Lila), bee-uh (bear) (but she usually says it three times--bee-uh bee-uh bee-uh), mama, dada (or just da), bree (Reed), yeah, woah, dee-doo (thank you--usually she just uses a sign at random when I tell her to say thank you), nye-nye (night night), buh-buh (bye bye or bubba/brother), baby, buhv (love), ball, baby, hi, Jae Jae, ha ha (hot), worl (roll), me me (me!), mine, beeee (please), dedus (Jesus) deeeee (cheese), wah wah (walk).

When I get Lila out of the car, the first thing she does is point to the ground and say, "Wah wah!" (Walk walk)" If I don't let her walk, she flops backward so her head is dangling and I'm only clutching on to her waist. She's crazy. We've compromised, though, and I'll usually let her walk as long as she holds my hand.

After realizing that Lila is obsessed with pillows (and making sure she was old enough to have one), we decided to give her a pillow in her bed. To say she loves the pillow would be an understatement. She absolutely adores her pillow. We generally cut our rocking and singing short (like half a song short) because she is pointing at her crib, wanting to go lay on her pillow! When I get her when she wakes up, she grabs her pillow, shoves it into my face, then lays on her pillow on me.

Poor sick Dolly.
Another recent bedtime routine love we've discovered are Lila's "pretty lights." The noise maker we have has a little projector built into it that has three slides that have various baby-friendly scenes (one is a nighttime animals scene, one is an underwater scene, and one is a jungle scene). Lila loves her pretty lights and as soon as they turn on she points and starts waving "hi" to the animals. We leave them on while we rock, then she waves good night (occasionally blowing a kiss), and we turn them off and put her to bed. 

Random, but true: Lila loves having her diaper changed and is usually insistent on being the person who takes the diaper out to the garage to throw it away. Also, whenever someone mentions going potty, Lila immediately grabs her diaper, wanting a change. And anytime I go to the bathroom she accompanies me because she is obsessed with washing her hands.

The boys both had pink eye, then graciously passed it along to me. We all had to do a course of eye drops and Lila was super jealous. Every time we did the drops, she'd lay down by us and point to her eye. Well, luckily for her, she developed her very own case of pink eye. I didn't think she'd be a fan of the drops when she had to do them, but so far she has been great for the drops and willingly comes when I tell her it's time.

Surprisingly, I can usually reason with Lila. For example, if she wants to walk but doesn't have any shoes and doesn't want to pause long enough to put them on, I'll ask her if she wants to walk. She'll respond "yeah" and I'll tell her if she wants to walk she needs to put her shoes on. Usually, she'll immediately stick her foot out for her shoe. It doesn't always work, but it works often enough that I count on it!


Ashleigh Cramer said...

She's so precious. And boy is she lucky to have two fun older brothers!

Mandi Rolfe said...

Love that baby girl! {I guess she's not a baby anymore} What a sweetie pie!!