Sunday, August 10, 2014


One of everyone's favorite activities was going to the SHAC. Kody was all over the place, going down the slide by himself swimming laps, standing under the water sprayers--he was doing his thing. Hailey mostly hung out with Grandma and played with Lila a ton (which was super helpful so I could take the boys on the slide). The boys went on the slide over and over so many times. The slide is really big, so both of the boys like to sit on someone's lap to go down it--which means that my dad and I also went on the slide over and over. Asher liked to be clutched tight around his belly the entire way down while he stretched his legs and arms out, trying to touch the edges. Reed liked to experiment: sometimes he'd sit between my legs without being held onto until the very end so it was like he was going down the slide himself, sometimes we'd paddle to help ourselves go faster, and sometimes we'd lay on our backs.

Lila surprised me by how comfortable she was in the water. She'd walk off the edge into the pool (and our waiting arms) with no hesitation. She'd fall over backward on purpose so she could use her life jacket to float on her back (I think she discovered that one on accident). She went down the small kids' slide repeatedly by herself. She was begging to go on the big slide and I finally let her, thinking it would make her a little nervous and that she'd stop asking to ride it. I was wrong. She LOVED the big slide and wanted to go again and again!

We all loved the SHAC.

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