Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tooth Saga

On June 21, we were eating lunch when Reed told me that one of his teeth "felt funny." I knew his teeth were likely to start wiggling soon, so I felt his tooth. Sure enough, he had not one but two very slightly wiggly teeth! I made him take a picture right away because, as I told him, it might be his last picture with all his baby teeth!

Please note that the two wiggly teeth in question were also Reed's very first two teeth to ever grow in. Sniffle.

Anyway, we told my mom about the wiggly teeth and she made Reed a little tooth pillow, which she planned to give to him when we saw her for the Fourth of July. Reed really didn't want to lose his teeth until he had the tooth pillow to put them in, so he didn't mess with them at all for a few weeks. Fourth of July came and went, Reed got his pillow--and his teeth were still very snugly sitting in his mouth.

We went camping on July 25--over a month after Reed's teeth had initially wiggled. One of his teeth was extremely wiggly at this point, and had actually scooted over to smoosh his other wiggly tooth. Reed ate a s'more, then came to ask me if he could have another marshmallow. As soon as he opened his mouth to talk, I noticed his tooth was missing! I told him--and he burst out in tears. His tooth fell out and he DIDN'T HAVE IT. In one of my quicker thinking moments, though, I pulled out the story of when I lost my tooth and swallowed it and how we wrote the tooth fairy a note and she still brought me money. Combined with Ryan laughing about the "monster marshmallow" that swallowed Reed's tooth, we once again had a happy boy.

Luckily, we also told him the Fairy probably wouldn't come while we were camping. The next day, Reed dictated the note and I wrote it for him, then he carefully tucked the note into his tooth pillow. He was very insistent we not write "monster marshmallow" because then the Tooth Fairy would think we were just pretending. The next morning, he found two Sacajawea dollars in his tooth pillow!  

Just a few days later (7/28), we were in St. George. Reed's second wiggly tooth had grown quite wiggly once his first tooth fell out. We were about to eat lunch and I didn't want to repeat the tooth swallowing fiasco, so I told him to bite into a grape to see if his tooth would come out. He bit in, felt something hard in his mouth, and pulled out a tooth!

This time the Fairy brought him one dollar and four quarters. Reed wanted to go to the store to find a little Lego set. We found the perfect set, he paid with his own money (plus a little change from mom :), and built the set all by himself the same day.

 I can't believe he is old enough to be losing teeth!

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