Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Buddy School

I love comparison pictures. First day 2013...

And first day 2014...

Ashie B was quite distressed last week when Bubba started school and he did not. The nerve of the joy school moms to not start buddy school at the same time as the CCSD calendar year kind of made him a little bit crazy. But he and I (and Lila) had a fun week at home, trying to make the time until Asher's school started pass quickly.

And thankfully, it did. Asher's first day of school was yesterday. Asher likes to refer to his school as "Buddy School" because he goes to school with all his buddies. This year, the buddies in the school are the same as last year, minus one--which is awesome for Asher, because he doesn't really love to be around people he doesn't know. He does love to be around his buddies. Usually.

Asher had decided he didn't want a backpack because last year for Buddy School he didn't use a backpack and neither did his friends. He didn't care at all when Reed got a backpack--but he did care when Reed got school supplies. He didn't say anything direct about it but both Ryan and I could tell that Ashie felt pretty left out. We made a trip to the store, where he wanted a pencil sharpener that was "just like Bubba's," a pencil pouch that was "not like Bubba's," a cool folder to keep his papers in, and a package of pencils. He decided to keep his school supplies on his coloring table, then randomly decided one day that he wanted to use Reed's backpack from last year to store everything in.

The morning of school, Ashie was very excited about his backpack full of supplies. He wanted to be sure we took a picture of the backpack to send to Grandma. The only possible pose for such a picture was the pose above.

The boys both really love new clothes. Asher doesn't get nearly as many new clothes as Reed does because he usually wears Reed's hand-me-downs. But to make the day special, we got him a new cool shirt. I didn't mention the shirt to him before I hung it in his closet--but he saw it the very next morning and of course put it on, running into my room and yelling, "I HAVE A NEW SHIRT!" Unfortunately it was not time for school yet. After a few tears, he laid the shirt out on his toy box for a full week so he wouldn't forget to wear it. The shoes are another new purchase. Ryan found them  on clearance while the rest of use were in Colorado. Ashie wanted to wear them immediately upon arriving home, but the shoes didn't fit him yet. Tragedy. Tears were shed. Luckily, the morning of school the shoes were close enough to his size to wear. Kind of.

While we were taking pictures, Asher leaned back against the door behind him. The door must not have been shut tight, because the next thing we knew he was on his bum in the doorway and the door was wide open. Despite the fall, he was still holding his sign up proudly and smiling widely. That's dedication.

And finally, I had to get a picture of Ashie and me. (Photo credit: Reed.) I love my Ashie boy and I'm so excited to get to teach him again this year in Buddy School! He is very smart and loves to learn. In fact, during our "assessments" for school yesterday he knew all his letter names, all the numbers, all the shapes, all the colors, and most of the sounds! We love our Ashie B.

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Mandi Rolfe said...

What a difference a year makes! He's like a whole different kid...look at that face. Sounds like he really enjoys school!