Monday, September 1, 2014


The first few times we went camping, the experience seemed like such a novelty to me that I had to blog about it--because who knew when it was going to happen again. I grew up in a family that didn't camp regularly. And, honestly, I had no problem with that, nor did I expect the family I raised to be any different. 

Then we went camping. And I liked it. Camping is super inexpensive, especially when you go to a free campsite; is usually in a location at least somewhat cooler (temperature-wise) than home; and is an activity the kids love. They think we're awesome for taking them camping; I tend to agree. So we've kind of become a camping family.

Now, though the novelty of camping has worn off, don't think for a minute that this fact stopped me from taking pictures. I always take pictures. It's a blessing and a curse. And I just can't get over how cute my kids look lined up in camp chairs.

Nor how cute Ryan looks starting a fire. He is such a provider.

And who wouldn't admire a baby girl holding up a hot dog as big as her arm? 'Merica.

While the boys gathered firewood, Lila Jae and I took the opportunity to snap a few selfies--you know, to distract her from wanting to grab the burning sticks in the fire pit. She was quite cooperative.

The next morning, when the air was chilly, we dressed Lila in some of the boys' old chillers. I know she looks like a huge ragamuffin but she also kind of kills me with cuteness, too.

Here's to many more camping trips to come.

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