Friday, September 5, 2014


We went to Colorado a full month ago, so it's probably about time I blogged about it. Because if it's not photographically proven somewhere, as everyone knows, it didn't happen.
I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it to Colorado for my niece's baby blessing. And then I was almost positive I was going to be able to make it. Then I found out the rest of my primary presidency was going to be out of town that week, so there was no way I was making it--how would primary function with no one there? Instead, the kids and I were going to spend Sunday night through Thursday in St. George with my parents, who were hosting my niece and nephew for the week. When they left to go to Colorado, we'd go home. As I was walking out the door to leave Sunday night, though, I got a text from my counselor telling me her trip got cancelled so I should go on mine. Sold. I grabbed an extra outfit and church clothes for all of us, and we loaded the car to go to St. George. My poor sister probably thought I was joking when I texted her for the fourth time in a week with our most recent change of plans. Sorry Lynnie.

We made the drive in less-than-deal conditions. Our Tahoe was not only at full-seating capacity, but beyond full luggage capacity. Tahoes and not exactly known for the luxurious amount of storage space and we pushed ours to the limit. We had a bag for everyone, four bags stuffed full of Beanie Babies (long story. My mom is too nice.), three bags stuffed full of baby clothes, snacks, toys for the drive, and the kitchen sink. I don't think anyone's feet were touching the ground--instead they were propped on stuff. But we made it.

We spent the weekend playing with cousins, playing in Lynnie's backyard (which is actually larger than most Las Vegas parks), writing letters to our missionary sister, and watching movies in the theater room. I even got to spend an enjoyable hour playing pepper with me niece. Unfortunately, Reed woke up very, very sick on Saturday morning; so he spent Saturday morning throwing up six times, I spent Saturday morning catching his throw up in a bowl, and everyone else spent Saturday morning at a Home Depot Kids' Workshop and a Children's  Carnival. I think Reed and I got the wrong end of that deal. He and I camped out on a blanket covered couch for all of Saturday and the majority of Sunday. I was quite worried about driving home with Reed on Sunday if he was feeling so sick. My dad, Nick, and Kenny were able to give Reed a priesthood blessing Saturday afternoon. Soon thereafter, Reed stopped throwing up. He was still weak, but he was finally able to keep food down. Sunday morning was a little rough again, but we did make it to church long enough to hear the blessing and by the ride home he was almost back to normal. 

We drove to St. George Sunday night (minus two kids, two bags, and the Beanie Babies) and made our way back to Vegas Monday morning. We were quite happy to see Ryan again--we missed him during our week away.
(Hey Lila, will you sit here and smile so I can take a picture to test the light? At least she sat there.)
P.S. While we were in Colorado, we attempted to take pictures of all the grandkids in shirts my mom and I made. As you can see, we were uber successful. In one picture. But one is all it takes!

(My brother was throwing a binky in the air to try to get Baby Finn to smile. The trick worked--but all the boys (Grandpa included) couldn't help but follow the binky with their eyes!)

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Mandi Rolfe said...

It was lots of fun! I'm glad it worked out for most of us to be there. It's too bad poor Reed got sick though. :( You actually got some really good pics, much better than mine.